Thursday, October 16, 2014

Random List

Day #16

I looked through the pictures on my phone and found such a random assortment of STUFF, that I felt the need to share them with you in list form.

I haven’t made a list in awhile anyway, right?


1) Garage BBQ

Monte sent me these pictures from Pittsburgh last week stating that he wanted something “different” for lunch.

That’s huge for Monte.

Monte is fine eating the same thing over and over and over and over every. single. day.

Variety is not necessary to him. 

In college, his friends said that he’d be happy with Food Sticks.
Food Sticks.

This is a restaurant?

I asked him if he was in someone’s garage. 

That just might be a card table in the above picture. 

He said it was delicious.

2)  Where Julie Barbie is Now

Julie sent me a picture of where the Julie Barbie sits in her house.

On top of a stack of children’s books with the added flair of holding a parasol. 

She said she should probably take the leg bandages off now

but I love that she hasn’t!

3)  Zombie Barbies

I follow this fun blog called Roadkill Rescue. It is a collection of up cycled, reclaimed furniture and crafts. I found this in my inbox a few days ago.

They took perfectly good Barbie dolls and made them zombies. 


For the love of Pete.

It reminded me of this:

But maybe not as scary.

4)  Say What? Food Label.

We went to Whole Foods for Dollar Taco Night and spotted this while we were browsing after dinner.

This was a Pumpkin Angel Food Cake.

Angel Cake Food Pumpkin is flat out confusing.

It really shows the importance of
word order, doesn’t it?

Food Pumpkin doesn’t really sound like food, does it?

I think someone needs to lose 
their food labeling privileges.

5)  Literally Kickboxing

The night before the kickboxing class they took, McDaniel decided to practice her skills with an actual box.

And actual kicking.

She made me take pictures.

Why I did, I do not know.

Then it got weird.

It’s like McDaniel already knew the kickboxing instructor 
was going to pick Ellie to be the Rocky to his Mickey.

And she’s not a bit happy about it.

6)  The Quail Tale

Once upon a time, McDaniel had a friend named Berit. Berit’s family decided to raise quails. Four of them to be exact.

Well, in some freak act of nature, one of the quails PECKED OUT the eyes of 


but TWO of the other quails.

And get this, 

they were all females.

Let’s just pause on that fact for a moment…

I’m horrified, yet curious, as to what would cause otherwise happy cage mates to go all, well,

ANIMAL on each other.

Google led me to a website called Backyard Chickens. There was an informative Q&A forum all about quails.

I learned that quails can get stressed if they don’t have enough room to live in 
or enough to do in the room they are living.

If one of the quails gets a wound, the other quails can smell it 
and then “peck at it” as a way of checking it out. 

Apparently they don’t know when enough is enough.

For the love of Pete.

I also learned that there are bully quails that need to be separated 
from the others so they can straighten up.

I also learned that sometimes bully quails don’t ever straighten up and they are best eaten.

Berit informed McDaniel that they were in the "separate the bully quail from the others stage" and the bully quail was “doing its time” in the house.

With the humans.

Berit expressed fears of waking up 

And they all lived NERVOUSLY ever after.

The End


  1. Karmen, this is fantastic!
    (laughing) ...
    Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for a few good laughs this morning! visiting from #write31days

  3. This was such a fun and funny (with the quails) post! I loved it. I am curious about your thrifty ways. I will have to visit again. :)

  4. This was a fun post. I'm loving those zombie Barbies!

  5. Love this post. Needed a good laugh this morning... and that quail story. Hmmm... don't we all kind of peck and peck and peck... made me think, in a serious way.
    And the Zombie barbies... wow.

  6. Oh the zombie Barbies are causing flashbacks of a mob of "zombies" roaming the store in Target frightening all the children, and, who am I kidding, most of the adults! The poor quails. I am claustrophobic so the thought of being in a cage...well...I sure hope I wouldn't peck someones eyes out~


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