Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kickboxing…Who Knew?!

Day #11

My girlfriend, Aimee, organized a kickboxing class for her daughter, McDaniel and Ellie at her gym.

Her personal trainer taught the class.

Who I found out later is some kind of
retired professional cage fighter
 or something.

McDaniel was SO excited!

She texted me several times the day of to make sure the class was still going to happen.

From school.

I’m like:  stop texting me and LEARN SOMETHING!

And we got in trouble for chewing gum in class!

Aimee and I sat in the lobby of the gym during the 30 minute class.

About 15 minutes in, the instructor came out and asked if I was “the little one’s mom”.

Since McDaniel is over 6-feet tall, I figured he was talking about Ellie.

Then I was like, “Uh oh. He’s talking about Ellie!"

She’s never been a competitive girl.

Or one to have complete and utter focus
on the task at hand.

He went on to say that Ellie was “a natural” and “super strong”.

He said he was very excited to work with her and see where she could "go with it.”

The instructor went on to say that 
“the tall one” 
needed some work.

That she didn’t always
 “have control of her hits.”

I found out later from McDaniel that she
almost kicked him in a sensitive area.

Aimee and I were SHOCKED.

One or both of us may have said, 

“Shut up!”

In the disbelief way,
not the disrespectful way.

McDaniel has ALWAYS been the athlete in our family.

Intense and focused.

Sports come naturally to her.

Ellie was the one we watched “do the robot” across the soccer field and “plie dance” down the basketball court.

In fact, I peeked in the gym not long after the kickboxing class started 
and Ellie waved at me with pink boxing gloves 
making sure I saw that she had on PINK boxing gloves.

McDaniel was too focused on kicking 
the instructor in the hands to see me peek in.

So Ellie is a natural boxer.

Who knew?!

Monte has all girls.

It’s not like he’d come home from work and “wrestle” them.

They ran into his arms wearing princess dress-up clothes
 with purple marker stains on their hands.

It’s not like they have EVER ONE TIME even arm wrestled.

So really, how would we have even ever known the strong abilities lying underneath Ellie’s bedazzled, theatrical surface?

Maybe that’s why she fell in love with the Rocky movies from the first viewing.

It was foreshadowing!

She is a Rocky in waiting.

Clearly I’m not good at photo editing.
But you get the point.
You do get the point, right?

But without the awful articulation.

Who knew?!?

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