Sunday, October 05, 2014

Under Construction

Day #5

Watching the house under construction is a good reminder that

we are under construction in other areas of our life too.

With every board being torn down

layers into our life are being examined.

With every scoop of dirt in our backyard

we are uncovering just how strong things are
as well as what was broken and we didn’t even realize.

I watched the men mortar the new cinder block walls for the foundation of our new addition.

They worked into the night and came back the next day to finish.

It took time.

Even though in some areas it seems years too late,

I know God’s timing is perfect.

I know God’s timing is perfect.

I know God’s timing is perfect.

And for the foundation to be solid, it must take time.

I heard Tony Evans preach on the radio that for us to have “skyscraper tall” children, we have to first dig deep, deep foundations.

The taller we want them to grow, 
the deeper we must be willing to dig.

We're seeing that as a family too.

Where we've dug enough

And where we need to go deeper.

Just like Monte and I staring at our construction hole in the backyard postulating the next step in the process,

it’s freeing to know it isn’t our job to know or do what’s next.

That’s why we surround ourselves with experts.

That’s why it’s called THE BODY OF CHRIST,

not just the head,

or the foot.

Because alone they can do so very little,

but together they get us to what’s next.


  1. You must have dug REALLY deep with McDaniel!!
    I love Galatians 4:4 (ESV) "But when the fullness of (God's) time had come...." Everything happens in the fullness (Completeness) of God's timing; when everything is just as God wants it to be. Never too early or too late. Knowing we serve a sovereign God who is in control of everything is such a comfort!

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