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So Ready for the Break of Spring

So there is this:

And this:

And this:

All in my attempts to send Winter packing. 
Like the seriously badhouse guest that sucks the very life  and hospitality right out of you,
that it has been.

So I just put on my winter coat (ugh!)
and went out in the cold in search of our dear, beloved, SHY Spring.

Like a timid toddler,

walking for the first time,
I saw the slow beginnings of Spring.

Even with snow still in its hair, the moss is greening up.

What a sight for frozen, sore eyes!

Hello, gorgeous!

You don’t bother me, Mr. Weed. 
I will gladly take care of you, when? 
In the Spring!
Because it’s coming.
And so is this:

And this:
And this:
 And this:


I love writing prompts.

My purse clean out post last week was a writing prompt.

It came from Tuesday Ten which offers different prompts on Tuesdays.

The suggested prompt this week is to write about the top 10 headlines or song titles from the year you were born.
So here goes a combination:

1) Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin landed on the moon on July 20(Ellie's birthday).

--Technically I wasn't born until November (just saying...).
2) Women's equality becomes a major political issue.
--I distinctly remember being in the 1st or 2nd grade and going through the alphabet and the teacher asking for a word from the students for each letter. When she came to 'L' I raised my hand and said, "lib". When she asked me what "lib" meant, I said, "women's lib!”  I bet my girls don’t even know what that means.
3)  Woodstock. 

--The word hippie has always had a negative implication for me. Like in the episode of “The Brady Bunch” when Greg moves his bedroo…

Characterized By Light

Our local high school’s boys basketball team just played in the the state championship Saturday night.

It was the first time they had made it that far  into tournament play since 1937.
Since McDaniel is a freshman at the school, it has been BIG FUN following this team.
As we walked into the game, I couldn’t help but feel like the movie “Hoosiers” was being played out all over again but without the small town farm community.

If that is possible.
Which it is.
Because it is March Madness,  which makes anything possible.
Hello, Mercer beat Duke!
Unfortunately, our town is not nearly as fanatical about basketball as it is football. 
It is just shameful, how little the high school gymnasium seats.
Especially since I grew up in a very small town with a fabulous sunken gym that could seat more than the population of our town.
And it was packed every single game.
 Having said all that, our town came out in droves for the game Saturday night.

It certainly helped that the game was being played withi…

Poetry Set to Music (?)

I like poetry.

I used to write a lot of it.
I was poetry editor of a publication in high school  and helped edit in college too.
I don't write or read much poetry anymore.

Not even Dr. Seuss.

Which is a little sad.
Last night McDaniel had a choir concert.

The theme was Poetry Set to Music.

I can't say that we were excited.

The high school has a TON of talent,  it really does. 
The fall concert was just amazing. A jazz theme.

Jazz is intended for music.

It IS music.
We skipped the Christmas concert since it was one continuous song,

for 40 minutes straight,
done in Caribbean Mass style.
Did I mention it was also in Latin?
Yeah, we told McDaniel to call us when it was over so we could pick her up.

So we couldn't really skip this one.
I think parents only get one free pass a year
on these things, right?
Each poem was read first before they were sung.

I appreciated the readings--some were delivered very, very well.
But the singing of them?

It just didn't do them justice…

Purse Reveal

Chris over at The Mom Cafe did this funny Vlog revealing what was in her purse.

Check it out!
It was hilarious to see just how many pens from the bank she had taken, how many Carmex lip balms she had accumulated and how many tooth brushes she felt necessary to carry around.

She had not cleaned out her purse since the fall.

Since I can't remember the last time I cleaned out my purse, I thought I would document that for you all.

Aren't you lucky!

 Here is my consignment shop Liz Claiborne purse that I got for $13.

I love this purse!
It's big enough for everything like books and even my laptop--like my very own Mary Poppins bag.

Even the guy working at Delia's at the mall complimented it.  Which FREAKED OUT the girls. Bad.
Here we go…


**Of course there is a "special zipper pocket" that I did not empty  because Monte reads my blog and gets the hives easily  when topics become "too feminine". 
If you know what I mean.**

Let's break this down:

•Of course…