Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Purse Reveal

Chris over at The Mom Cafe did this funny Vlog revealing what was in her purse.

Check it out!

It was hilarious to see just how many pens from the bank she had taken, how many Carmex lip balms she had accumulated and how many tooth brushes she felt necessary to carry around.

She had not cleaned out her purse since the fall.

Since I can't remember the last time I cleaned out my purse, I thought I would document that for you all.

Aren't you lucky!

 Here is my consignment shop Liz Claiborne purse that I got for $13.

I love this purse!

It's big enough for everything like books and even my laptop--like my very own Mary Poppins bag.

Even the guy working at Delia's at the mall complimented it. 
Which FREAKED OUT the girls.

It looks a little stuffed, doesn't it?
Here we go…

Holy cow.

**Of course there is a "special zipper pocket" that I did not empty 
because Monte reads my blog and gets the hives easily 
when topics become "too feminine". 

If you know what I mean.**

Let's break this down:

•Of course there is my wallet and checkbook inside. 
No surprise there.

Wait. I found a second checkbook. 

That probably has been a bit confusing for our bank.


•Lipsticks and lip balm.

Which is funny since I RARELY wear lipstick.
(my grandmother would be so appalled)

But the lip balm?


Check this out:

Both lip balms are empty.

Good to know! 

I have 4 and somehow can never seem to find any of them when I need them.

•Sudafed (one loose) and 3 packs of tissues.

It's been a l-o-n-g winter.

•2 hand lotions.

And I just threw one away earlier in the week.

•2 pony tail holders.

Huh. Interesting.

I just told McDaniel Monday night at Ellie's basketball game that I didn't have one. 

Granted I didn't even look 
because I subconsciously must've known 
the HOT MESS my purse was in.

McDaniel somehow "lost" the pony tail holder that was on her braid when we walked into the gym. She had braided her hair wet and once the pony tail holder disappeared her hair kept getting bigger and bigger by the second. 

Good thing we were in the top row of the bleachers. 

We eventually found the pony tail holder on the ground across the aisle. 

It had "shot off" her hair somehow without any one of us noticing.

She was too embarrassed to pick it up since it was right underneath a women's foot.

So we made Monte do it at half time.

That man.

He deserves a medal.

These could've saved the day Monday
night. If I had just bothered to look.


Ever since I jacked up my jaw this summer, I have stopped chewing gum. 

It used to hurt my stomach anyway--
all the fake sugar in the gum.

I love these Pep 'O Mints by Lifesavers because there are no fake sweeteners in them.

•The downside of these mints? The wrappers!

Why is my purse a trash can?

•Business cards for our party planning business.

In a plastic ziploc bag.

Crazy classy and professional.

•Receipts. Receipts. Receipts.

And there are more stuffed into my wallet that I didn't even touch.


There is a birthday card for Monte, 

a note from McDaniel to get her the Insurgent book, 

a catalog of the services at the Aveda salon, 

an invitation to a fundraising event, 

a One Direction Valentine card to Ellie, 

a project idea from Joan Fabrics 

and a monthly budget that Monte hand wrote out on the back of an 
expired coupon while we were eating lunch after church.

•More paper!

There are coupons,

2 programs from the high school girls basketball banquet we went to Sunday night,

2 basketball rosters from the season 
(which has been over since February),

a ticket to the middle school production of Annie 
(which was in October),

a thank you card

and the envelopes from Monte that once held cash for my birthday shoe challenge 
(which was in November).



•One dime.

Here is the bag of trash I threw away from my purse:

It was heavy!

My take away from cleaning out my purse:

•I need more lip balm.

•I definitely need more mints.
(But wrappers go into the trash, not my purse!)

•I found a receipt I needed to submit for an event we just planned.
(Crazy classy and professional strikes again.)

•My purse is not a scrapbook.

•I may not be "plane travel ready" with those scissors in my bag.

•I don't even have 2 dimes to rub together.

Ok--your turn! 

Clean out your purses and tell me what you find!
Happy Kids, Inc.


  1. I am so glad you were inspired to clean out your purse!! It looks a lot like mine used to! I thought I was the only one walking around with scissors!! LOL! You should definitely come link up this post for our #TuesdayTen linkup! Check it out here:

  2. - quite a haul!
    I didn't know you had a party planning business. Too bad you don't live closer - we have an event venue but I don't do any of the planning - people are always asking me for names.

  3. Rabia:

    I did link up to the Tuesday Ten. Thanks! Great topic for next week!

  4. Kim:

    What fun to have an event venue! That would be fun to collaborate! I am following you on Bloglovin' now.

  5. Ooh,that is a lot of stuff! But it's just the kind of bag I like carrying around. Thanks for sharing this, especially the takeaways :) #TuesdaysTen

  6. I am laughing out loud right now. Love this post. You may have nudged me to reveal mine too, giggle. Thank you for linking and sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop ♥

  7. These posts have become so popular..women really seem to love them...thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. Stopping by from Katherine's Corner. My favorite is the scissors! My daughter used to call my bag the "purse o'plenty". Nowadays (since I no longer have to carry toys, crayons and multiple packs of handiwipes) I try to carry the smallest one possible. Great post.

  9. Love it!! I had some kid scissors in my purse until a few months ago when I finally took them out. One of my kids "borrowed" them from church!! I stuck them in my purse thinking,"I'll put them back next Sunday" then I kept forgetting!!! Although, it was amazing how many times I used them before I remembered to put them back. :-) So glad you linked up with Ten Ten and hope you will again!!

  10. What a fun peek inside! I always have way too many paper type items in my bag. I used to carry a big one but have since graduated to the smaller (not mini) crossbody. I have one in black and one in brown and use one or the other all the time. I still have a few other bigger ones left but I really should pass them one since I love using the smaller crossbody. It fits what I need inside and leaves less room for the things (and mounds of papers I collect) I don't. I am dating myself but the old Let's Make a Deal show would have an occasional segment where they would ask for a random item and if the person had it she would win money. Suprised at how many times they had the item. I think they came prepared.

  11. OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH I AM LAUGHING SOOOO HARD!!!!!! Karmen!!!! You are HILARIOUS!!!!! Now I don't feel so bad!!!! I can't....stop...laughing!!!!! You ROCKED it girl!!! I am so so glad you did this!!! Oh, I need to go back up and look at it all again....

    I have been and still am in Florida- so I have total limited access to the internet!! UGH! I thought I could get on more and haven't been able to, hence it took THIS long to get to your AWESOME post!!!

    Oh girl- seriously, I love you. We must be best friends, soul mates, and kindred spirits all at once, oh and SISTERS of course too!!! LOL JUST LOVED THIS!!!!

  12. This is hilarious! I think my purse and your purse would be good friends. I need to start there with my spring cleaning!


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