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From the Recesses of My Brain

I'm getting ready to fold my 112th load of laundry so we can start packing to head out of town for Thanksgiving.

While I've been taking care of errands and a sick kid home from school, I caught myself humming a song.

I recognized it, but couldn't place it.
It wasn't until I was humming it again later that I realized it was the theme song from The A Team.

Now that is a blast from the past.
It's amazing what decides to spit out  from the recesses of my brain  from time to time.
The A Team.

The only thing I can think that possibly dislodged that deeply embedded tune from the back of my memory is that Monte and I did discuss last week how someone he knows had a van painted to match the one in A Team.

And if I have accidentally caused you to hum The A-Team theme song,

don't even THINK about getting it out of your head.
It's locked in.
I can kinda see where the tune came from.

I watched the show as a kid.
It was a big deal.
But that wouldn't explain the dream I had…

On Trying New Things for My Birthday

My birthday was this past weekend.

We decided to try out a restaurant in our area that has been open since the 60s.

And it seems it hasn't changed the decor.
It was dark and packed and very hard to read the menu without the flashlight on our phone.

But the seafood was great.
Our friend was our waitress  and she took good care of us  and our dinner choices.
On Sunday, we tried brunch at the university golf course.

The view was gorgeous but the food was just okay.
The girls got me this beauty:

Monte got me a facial I specifically asked for since I have a 50% discount at my salon.

It's 90 minutes long.
What in the world are they going to do to me for OVER AN HOUR?!

I hope make me look younger.
In an effort to milk all that I could out of my birthday,
I asked to go to a new ramen restaurant super close  to our house for dinner.
Ellie and I had walked up there early this fall but were so confused and nervous and a wee bit grossed out by the pictures on the menu, that we ordered salads.

The Renewing of My License, Not My Mind

While I was at the polls to vote on election day, I looked at my license and realized it was going to expire in 4 days.

I decided to take care of that right away.
It was on the way to the license branch that I noticed the mustard and tomato stain on my shirt.

I tried to get it out with spit and some water from an old water bottle in the car, but it made things worse.

Much worse.
Monte and I were shocked at how quickly we were in a out of the polls.

Not so much at the license branch.
I had plenty of time to chat with the young gal in front of me.

She had just waited 1 hour and 20 minutes to vote and was now waiting to renew her license.

When it was finally my turn, the worker lady helping me had me look into the eye exam machine.

I was really struggling to make out the letters and the numbers.
They were so small!
She told me to step back from the machine.

She looked at me and said,

“Remember? I told you to also tell me  where the flashing light is!”
There was a flashing light?!
I tried …

A Roaring Good Halloween

Halloween was so fun!

Our theme?

We were Jurassic Park (and World) characters.

Monte gave me that T-Rex costume for Valentine’s Day.

We’d been looking since last Halloween but they were sold out. 
Monte found one in February  and it was better than flowers  or a seafood dinner!
I was thrilled!!
We had BIG plans for this T-Rex costume but I did not want to reveal it before Halloween 
so I put it in my closet
and waited.
It was worth the wait.
There was another T-Rex at the neighborhood Spooky Supper.

Wait for it…


Monte is not too scared to smile for the camera.

I don’t remember Alan Grant taking a selfie with the T-Rex in the first movie, do you?

Being a T-Rex was sweaty, strenuous, exhausting work.

The girls thought it would be a hoot to get me on our trampoline.