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Ho Ho Hernia

I was contemplating calling the doctor a few weeks ago hoping to get an antibiotic and some relief from a nasty cold-like flu that had hit our house.

I made mention to some friends that I also had this weird swollen lymph node in my groin and it had been there for some time.

Like, 3 months.
I know, not cool.
Julie offered to take care of it herself  if I didn't seek medical attention immediately.
And she has a lot of tools.

I mentioned the mystery groin lump to the nurse when I made the appointment and I swear, she lowered her voice and was all,

"Oh, really?" 
But it got me an appointment.
When I went in, I felt silly.
My doctor is a friend and it ALWAYS seems like I'M THE ONE sitting on the paper-lined table telling her I'm having heart trouble only for her to tell me it's a Wii Fit injury and to lay off the side planks for a while.
Worked like a charm.
Or to ask if my neck mole is ok and she said yes DON'T MESS WITH IT and then I went and burned the holy hec…

Gladness of All Time

I have been reading and listening to a bible study on gladness.

The word "gladden" in Hebrew is the word "samach."

It means to rejoice, be glad.
There are several verses in the bible that speaks of some version of the word glad.

Sometimes it's mentioned along with the word heart.

"Therefore my heart is glad…"  (Psalm 16:9 & Acts 2:26)
"… to gladden the heart of man"  (Psalm 104:14-15)
Other times it stands on its own.
"For you make me glad by your deeds, O LORD;  I sing for joy at the works of your hands."  (Psalm 92:4)
"This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." (Psalm 118:24)
The phrase we think of at Christmas the most, "glad tidings," means to "tell good news" or "preach the gospel."
We sing about it in "Angels We Have Heard on High"  and "O Little Town of Bethlehem."
The word "tidings" means news.
It needs the word "glad" to ma…

Are You Ready For Some Christmas?

I'm not sure why, but it seemed like there was a long gap between Thanksgiving and December this year.

Once we returned to Ohio from the Thanksgiving holiday and threw away all the pumpkins and packed up all the Fall decorations,

it was still November.
I am not one of those people that can put up a Christmas tree during the Thanksgiving holiday.

I just can't.
I may change one day.
But for now, I need December to actually be here before I think of hitting a Christmas tree lot.

I actually did something somewhat brilliant this year.

I printed the addresses of my Christmas card list out on labels.
It was so fast and easy!

And I only did 30 cards at a time so I didn't have that dread of killing a whole night addressing cards.

Depending on where you fall in the alphabet,  you may have gotten a Christmas card from us while it was still November.

Yeah, I was that person.
Clearly, my Christmas tree rule  isn't a hard fast rule  for all things Christmas.
Monte is leaving soon for an…