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Our Moldy Souls

The title pretty much sums up our last week.

Except you know it doesn’t.
There are more details  and background  and possibly a few pictures.
It has rained A LOT this summer.

Like, so much that my soul is starting to mold.

I just heard that out of the past 30 days, 28 had measurable rain.
28 days of rain, people!
And that does very little in the way  of motivation for me.

For anything.

Like sometimes being patient.

Or kind.

On the bright side, our patio got finished! 
And we did a quick DIY project with these poles and lights over the 4th of July weekend.
Just waiting on the rain to stop long enough
for grass to be planted and some landscaping done.

McDaniel and Ellie went camping with their bible study group last week.
One of the moms has a camper and brave spirit and invited a slew of girls into the woods.

In the rain. 
God love her.
On the day they were to leave, Monte had scheduled an appointment with the cable company to fix our extremely spotty and sluggish wifi. 
Since I would kn…

“Why Do You Look So Familiar?"

This is what I asked the man after introducing myself at a Young Life post-camp parent meeting.

“I’ve been in your house,” he said to me.
Before I could freak out, he added,

“I’m a fireman. I responded to your call.”

Then he looked at the other parents standing nearby and informed them I had a good story to tell.
Then he patiently waited for me to tell it. (click HERE to read our fire department story)
Which of course, I did.
Later, I saw him talking in another group and when laughter broke out, they all looked across the room at me. 
I walked over since I KNEW what they were talking about.
My friend, Beth, was asking him how our call ranked with all the other fire calls this fireman had ever received in his career. 
“I’d say it’s definitely in the top five.
Top five?
I couldn’t help but be touched. 
I may or may not have put my hands on my heart when I thanked him for the honor.
But I have to say, it seemed the pleasure was all his.