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10 Things I Can’t Live Without

I haven’t linked up with the #TuesdayTen at The Liebers blog in a while.

A long while.
I’ve also not known the sweet sense of accomplishment  that only loading and unloading a functioning dishwasher  with actual glass and porcelain and stainless steel can provide.
So here is the latest list:
10 Things I Can’t Live Without

1)  A kitchen.
I know, I’m a broken record. But seriously, meals are tough to prepare without a sink and running water and a stove and just one real knife. To say that we are sick of take-out is SUCH an understatement. I was LITERALLY sick of the Thai take-out we had Saturday night. So much so, Monte and the girls had to go to church without me Sunday morning. 
2)  Running water on the first floor.
It’s made me think twice about cutting an apple or cheese or lettuce when I know I’m going to have to go to the basement to wash the knife and cutting board in the utility sink where we give Nigel his bath. And wash out our paint brushes. And where spiders go to die as it…

God Knows My Funny

Yesterday morning was intense.

Lots of different emotions coming out loudly

and some tersely typed in email form.
Just an all out 
very tense,
no good,
bad morning.
Not the way I would’ve preferred  to spend the early part of my day.
Then I got a call from school that McDaniel was sick and needed to come home.

Not how I planned to spend the rest of my day.
Some time before I picked up soup, saltines and orange juice, I got a text from my mom with a little nugget that changed my day.

Without too many specific details,
an elderly woman was escorted out of the public library in my hometown wearing nothing but

a coat, 

a pair of shoes 

and a smile.
No, she wasn’t drunk.  I asked.

But she was in the book club that my mom leads 
at that very same library.
Poor thing is on the slippery slope of senility.

She might very well be at the bottom of that slope now.
Not that senility is funny.
It isn’t.
But the incident was funny.

And I needed to laugh.

In the same way falling can be painful but it w…

Under Construction…Still

We seemed to hit a lull around the holidays on our house addition.

Partly due to the fact that it was the holidays,

and partly due to the weather.
We had two snow days last week.

The first actually because we got snow--4 or 5 inches.

It was fun because it wasn’t dangerously cold and we could actually go sledding without fear of frostbite.

While we were sledding, a guy from our city paper came out of nowhere and asked to take some action pictures.

We said sure and then McDaniel decided to sled down the hill on our neighbor, Claire’s shoulders while covering her eyes.

Three seconds later, I crashed spectacularly down the hill with both legs straight up into the air and a thick snow beard on my face.

We felt a little nervous about what our pictures would look like if they made it into the paper.

The girls teased me that it could just be a picture of me by myself, zooming down the hill in some sort of sad, “Snow Day for Moms Too” pictorial.

We didn’t make the paper, after all.

A teacher …

You are Loved

Yesterday a lovely young woman in our church sang a song I’d never heard before.

Not only is her voice beautiful, (I’ve already told her I’ve prayed to have it in heaven and she seemed okay with it)
but the words were beautiful.

You dance over me while I am unaware
You sing all around but I never hear the sound

Lord I'm amazed by You
Lord I'm amazed by You
Lord I'm amazed by You And how You love me

(verse 2)
You paint the morning sky with miracles in mind
My hope will always stand
For You hold me in Your hand

How deep how wide
How great is Your love for me

Check out: if you’d like to listen to it.

It was such a lovely moment that there was this screaming silence in the sanctuary afterwards. I felt like standing up and clapping but I was too struck. 

Struck with the intensity and simplicity of the line:
“You paint the morning sky with miracles in mind
I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget.
Every day. 
Every single day God paints the morning…

The Dog and the Bird

My girlfriend, Shannon told me a story this week that I can’t get out of my mind.

Her friend has this big enormous dog and a very large bird who likes to sing.

Apparently, the big dog likes it when the bird sings,

so much so, that every time he hears the singing,
he stops what he is doing and runs in his  bumbling, big dog way, right to the bird.
Then the bird promptly bites the dog right on the nose.

Every. Time.
The dog never seems to “get it”.

Singing + running to the bird = pain.
It just doesn’t compute.
The owners of the dog try to warn him when the singing starts,

“Don’t go!”
But every time the dog runs straight to the bird

and every time he gets bit right on the nose.
Shannon and I had a good laugh at that story.

But later, after mulling it over,

I realized that God sees us that way.
Over and over again, 
running to the thing that brings us pain 
rather than Him, 
who will bring us peace.
I am that big ol’ bumbling dog.

The bird is any number of things.
Things that are di…

Greatest Hits

As it turns out, these were the most read posts,

my “Greatest Hits” if you will,  
of 2014 on Chairs From the Curb last year.
I am so thankful to each person who takes the time 
out of their day to read words that I have typed here. 
I love hearing from you and reading your comments.
But in case you missed some of them, you can click on each title  and it will take you directly to the post.
1) ’Twas a Few Weeks Past Christmas…

This was back when we were laughing and thinking we had a “handle” on lice.
Jump to #6 on this list if you don’t know the rest of the story.
2)  Table Decorating Ideas for a Women’s Luncheon

Fun ideas. This got me thinking how I will decorate a table this year…got any ideas for me?

3)  Blogs I Love

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4)  The Pants with No One Inside Them

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