Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Greatest Hits

As it turns out, these were the most read posts,

my “Greatest Hits” if you will,  

of 2014 on Chairs From the Curb last year.

I am so thankful to each person who takes the time 
out of their day to read words that I have typed here. 

I love hearing from you and reading your comments.

But in case you missed some of them,
you can click on each title 
and it will take you directly to the post.

1) ’Twas a Few Weeks Past Christmas…

This was back when we were laughing and thinking we had a “handle” on lice.
Jump to #6 on this list if you don’t know the rest of the story.

Fun ideas. This got me thinking how I will decorate a table this year…got any ideas for me?

This is a good list. Give them a try if you haven’t already.

4)  The Pants with No One Inside Them

Epic. Monte gets lots of questions and comments STILL about this post.

A list of some pranks Monte has played on the girls for April Fool’s Day
 and some other things I found funny.

Like this:

Which reminds me that Monte and I need to paint our own version of this.
We can put it in our new family room!
That won’t be weird at all, right?

6)  Lice, Lice, Baby

My palms started to sweat reading this again.
**SPOILER ALERT** We didn’t have a handle on lice.

Last winter was so long and cold and snowy.
I’m so thankful for the mild weather we have had so far.

Ah! That quote from Job would’ve come in handy for a homework assignment McDaniel had for school in which she was supposed to compare Job and Oedipus.
I really should read my own posts more…

Neat insight on two different sermons I heard in two different states but with a similar message.

10)  Sunday Nights in the 70s

A nostalgic look back at Sunday night TV when I was growing up.

Oddly enough, my “Greatest Hits” list was different per my Facebook analytics.

Different as in, no overlap whatsoever.

I’m just learning how to read all that info 
and discern what it actually means.

So basically, the people that read Chairs From the Curb via my Facebook links read different things than the people that either subscribe to get my posts via email or just go to my site and see what’s new.


Here is that list of posts:

Check out Wonder Woman parking her invisible jet.
**SPOILER ALERT** Wonder Woman is me.

Packing up the kitchen during our construction project.

3)  19

And we thought 19 years was a long time to be married.

Eavesdropping my life.

You have to click on this for the quail story.

A birthday tea and a funny underwear (under where?) story.

The title pretty much sums it up.

Me not handling well a doctor’s appointment with Carisa. 

9)  Real Life

A port-a-pot truck, a sunrise and a sermon point.

10)  I Am Not Good in Medical Situations

The backstory to #8 on this list.

So from lice to pants with no one inside them.
Superheroes to construction projects.
Gorillas to donkeys.
Marriage longevity and listening.
Blogs and luncheons.
Quails, horses and a kidnapping.
Winters I thought would never end and looking in awe at God.
(Even when it’s a sunrise with a port-a-pot truck 
driving right through it).
Ga Leor and 1970s TV.
Stitches and words I can’t handle.

Now, that was a year.

Thanks for reading in 2014! 

I’m looking forward to seeing what God has for me this year.


  1. You have had a great year, both in living and in writing.

  2. You did have a great year. Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!


  3. You filled my 2014 with much joy and laughter through your posts!


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