Monday, November 17, 2014

Things You Would’ve Heard

If you followed me around this past week or been a Stink Bug on my wall, these are some things you would’ve heard:

1)  “Yes, the rash has been there a few months.” Talking with the doctor about McDaniel’s weird rash on just one leg. 

2)  “How’s your tongue pain today?” Me everyday after school to Ellie.

3)  “No problem, it’s no big deal.” Me talking to a worker guy who just crashed his truck into the front end of my car.

Really wasn’t a big deal. Monte took it to someone
called the “Dent Doctor” and it looks good as new.

4)  “Yeah, that rash has been there for at least a month.” Talking with the vet about Nigel’s yucky rash all over his belly.

5)  “No, that isn’t the right siding.” Me having to tell the worker guy who just crashed his truck into the front end of my car two hours before. He looked like he was going to cry or I would’ve alleviated the mood by adding, “At least you didn’t just crash into my car!” 

6)  “What do you think?” Asked of anyone who walked through our unfinished addition about non life threatening things like door placement, the position of the island and where in the world the trash can will go.

7) “Get rid of it!” Said to Monte and I by Julie about a built-in stove hearth area that we REALLY loved about our old kitchen but was causing problems with configuring cabinets and counter tops in the new space.

I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me
earlier to just get rid of it. 

I’m keeping the tiles though.

8)  “YAY!” More or less said by Paul, our builder, when we told him to get rid of the built-in stove hearth area. He’d been scratching his head for some time trying to figure out how to work around it. Apparently he and the electrician could not figure out WHY we wanted to keep it. Apparently, Paul and the electrician talk about us when we aren’t around.

9)  “Oh! You have an oven and dishwasher in your living room!” 

Said by anyone and everyone who steps into our living room. I don’t even see them anymore. The girls want to put lights on them for Christmas.

You might as well see our makeshift kitchen in the dining room while we’re at it:

The good news is we can FINALLY open the right fridge
 door ALL THE WAY!! It’s heaven!! 

10)  “Happy Birthday!” said by me to Carisa last Monday.
Carisa with glowing hair.
Lemon Meringue Cheesecake.
It’s close-your-eyes-while-you-chew good.

And said to me by lovely family and friends last Thursday. It was a week of fun, food and friends. More on that later. I am truly blessed.

11)  “Be funny.” Said by Sumita’s daughter in so many words while visiting her in the hospital. You know what? I couldn’t think of a single funny thing to say or do in that moment. Not one. Why is it that earlier during bible study which was being led by OUR PASTOR, I had to plug up my nose with both thumbs to keep from laughing OUT LOUD at ALL THE FUNNY THINGS running through my head?!?! Yes, they all involved Carisa. And a honking car horn. And perfume. And ebola. Which isn’t funny. But when Carisa mouths it to you in a crowded elevator with lots of medical professionals at a hospital, it’s hard not to laugh. Especially when one of the professionals is carrying a cooler over their shoulder. 

12)  “Go get the lice magnifying glass". Said by me to Ellie because just saying “Go get the magnifying glass” left her looking at me blankly. Add the word lice in and she knew exactly what I was talking about.

She had a splinter. Still does, actually. My middle-aged eyes could not be helped by even the magnifying glass. Monte couldn’t see it either. She limped to school, poor thing. 

13)  “Where is the candy corn?!”  Said loudly by Monte in the middle of the drug store where Christmas had exploded and shoved anything Thanksgiving and candy cornish right on out until next August. 

14)  “I’ll be out throwing stuff away in the dumpster.” Said Monte with glee as he finally got to have some paint can dumpster time. Not even the 32 degree weather and the fact it was spitting snow deterred him.

15)  “Can you find my hat?”  Said by Monte to me just this morning as he had to SHOVEL the driveway. In November.

I couldn’t find his hat. So I gave him my cute gray knit one with the big buttons on the side. He must’ve been too cold to notice. He looked like Ma from The Waltons. 

So that’s my eavesdropped, slightly out of context, life in a nutshell.

What’s something I would’ve overheard said at your house this week?

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