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How Going to the Dentist Reminded Me of Marriage

I went to the dentist yesterday.

The hygienist asked if I’d noticed any “issues” with my teeth.
I decided to admit that I’d had some pain in the lower gum area by my jaw teeth.
I was also quick to confess that Monte brought home  a big bag of taffy and a few boxes of Bit o’ Honey  and I’d been hitting both pretty hard.
He was so proud of his purchases, he sent me a picture from the store.

Back to the dentist chair…
The hygienist, who is the most cheerful, bubbly personality ever,
seriously, she could make Santa seem like a dry wit,
let me know that with my history of dental work,  my days of sticky, chewy candy are over.
[Insert sad music here]
Then she told me stories of people pulling out their crowns with candy.
Some less fortunate ones swallowed their crowns,
sifted through their own waste to find their swallowed crown,
then brought the crown back into the dentist so it could be  PUT BACK INTO THEIR MOUTH.
I’m pretty sure my jaw hit the floor when she told me that last part.
“Oh, we s…

Taking a Breath

It’s been hard to keep to any sort of writing schedule these past few weeks.

We’ve had text book pick up days.
School pictures.
Journalism Camp. (Yes, it’s a thing.)
Mentor training.
Checks to write.
In the midst of it, we took off for my parent’s house for a VERY ABBREVIATED (thanks to the above list)Camp Indiana.

Yesterday and today the girls started school.

 This morning, McDaniel started school.

Just a week ago, we were doing fun things like this at Camp Indiana:

The girls love going to the farmer’s market/petting zoo.

This year they added a 9-hole miniature golf course--right by the chickens.

I just realized that today is Nigel’s birthday.
He’s 8.
And terribly excited about it.

So I hope to get back to some sort of routine soon.

Today, I’m filling in the calendar with too many things, taking a much needed deep breath and enjoying a wonderfully quiet house

15 Seconds of Fame

I’m going to interrupt my regularly scheduled Fripp Trip recap to bring you this fun little tidbit.

My husband, Monte, got mentioned on  The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!
He did!

He really, really did!
Let me explain.

Jimmy does this thing on Wednesdays where he tweets out on Twitter a hashtag to invite people to send in their best stories that correspond to that hashtag. Like, #mydadusedtosay or #worstdateever.

Jimmy reads the best tweets on the air.

Monte and I always talk about tweeting in something but ultimately we each forget to check what the hashtag is for that week and we rarely stay up late enough to watch The Tonight Show each night.

We just watch clips of it on You Tube. Doesn’t everyone?
Well, Monte was sitting in a hotel room alone in Pittsburgh for business all last week and found out that the hashtag prompt for the week was #worstsummerjobs.
Monte instantly knew he was going to write about  his job at Chuck E. Cheese.
He wasn’t even sure how to tweet something that included…

More of our Fripp Trip

On the Monday of our vacation, Ellie turned 13.

We celebrated her 1st birthday at Fripp (I remember seeing a double rainbow that year from our balcony)

so it seemed so fitting that we usher in  her teenage years at Fripp too.
We’ve celebrated more of Ellie’s birthdays  on that island than not.
We always decorate whatever beach house we are in after she’s gone to bed so she’s surprised on the morning of her birthday.

 There were chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

Monte decided at the last minute to buy Ellie a selfie stick.
It ended up being the hit of the week.

The dunes on the beach are protected and wild in parts.

We went on a walk one night and this deer kept following us.

I am not much of a baker. So when Ellie mentioned wanting cookie cups for ice cream instead of a traditional birthday cake, I felt up for the challenge.

I had to throw away the first batch because Pinterest said to put the dough on the UNDERSIDE of a muffin tin to form them into bowls.

Didn’t work.
Pinterest FAIL.

Fripp Trip

We got back from the beach over a week ago but had to hit the ground running with our lives so I’ve had precious little time or energy to post anything.

My dear sweet sister-in-law, Gretchen, texted me that enough was enough and it was time to blog again.

Since I received her text while Monte and I were singing our karaoke best of
Prince’s “Raspberry Beret” I couldn’t argue. 
Or was it “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia?
Doesn’t matter,  we totally nailed both songs.
But Gretchen had a point.

Time to get back to it.

She even gave me the topic:  vacation.
Can you tell she’s a teacher?
We really felt like we left an entirely different weather season for awesome summer temperatures and sunshine once we left the state of Ohio.

It was just the pick-me-up we all needed to start to air out our stinky moldy souls.
On our drive to the beach we made many stops at those truck stop/fast food/convenient store/mall plazas. They are Monte’s favorite.

The girls and I walked out of the bathroom of one such pl…