Monday, October 22, 2012

My Dreams In Pictures

Day #22 of 31 Days of Storytelling


So I told Ellie this morning at breakfast that I'd like to draw one of my dreams.

So she drew it.

Then I drew it.

She has heard this dream before.

It is pretty well known around here.

And with friends.

And maybe a few people who could care less

but we told anyway.

I think I will show the pictures first to see what you can deduce from them.

Kind of like that game we have called The New Yorker. You see one of those classic New Yorker one-panel cartoons and then write your own caption.

We love that game.

Such a great outlet for our creativity.

And someone usually laughs until they cry.

Or wets their pants.

Fun stuff.

Here goes:

This is Ellie's drawing. Sorry, can't figure out how to flip it without
making it look all bitmappy. Sorry to go all techy on you. Check out
the draw string pants she put me in. Is that how she sees me?
I might as well be at a Golden Corral or Old Country Buffet.

Here is my pic. I know, I am not the artist in the family. Those are my hands not catcher's mitts.

Can you tell what is going on?

Look again.

Monte has no arms.

More specifically, he has no arms in a dress shirt that has had the sleeves pinned up.

And I am mad.

Yes, I am mad about the no arms thing.

Like, "So you are just NOT going to have arms now," kind of mad.

Again, with the technical problems--sorry! This is my attempt at a car.
A bit Fred Flintstonish, I know.
What do you think this picture means?

Do you feel like you are in therapy?

Do you feel like now you need therapy?

In all my madness at Monte having no arms

keep in mind I NEVER, NOT ONCE asked him how his no-arms situation came to be.

I told him scornfully,

"I am NOT taking you to work!"

The End.

So when I had this dream, I woke up all of a sudden in the breathy gaspy way people do when they have just come out of a nightmare.

It woke Monte up 
(or maybe I shook him awake, I can't remember).

When I recounted the dream to him, he squeezed me into a hug,

"Aww, I couldn't hug you if I didn't have arms."

I know. A real sweetheart.

But I was still mad.

"Seriously, I would NOT take you to work everyday. What a pain!"

I know. I am so NOT a sweetheart.

Did I mention I was about Day 3 into a no-sugar diet?

Does that help you in your judgement of me a little teensy bit?

I am better with candy corn.

Or jelly beans.

That's just a fact.

Here is another dream I had fairly recently:

Does your neck hurt yet? Don't say anything about my hippo.

Yes, Ellie and I were on a jet ski and there was a hippo chasing us. I was really scared. 
(Even though I, for some strange reason, drew a smile on myself in the picture).

I was scared because during one of Ellie's "Fun Facts'" at dinner, she told us that a hippo could snap an alligator in half with the strength of its jaws.


So I woke up Monte with that one too.

And I told Carisa about it.

So she sent me this. 
 With this:

"Remind you of anything? I think his jet ski stalled."

It made me laugh and gave me the shudder shakes a little too.

Check out the meanish look in that hippo's eyes!

So now I want to see someone else's dreams in pictures.

Try it and send them to me!

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  1. I am guessing before reading from the top two pictures. Monte is armless and you are yelling at him. In Ellie's drawing (awesome job replicating the kitchen Ells!), and it also looks like there is spaghetti on the floor. Okay now back to go and read.


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