Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Eve

Day #30 of 31 Days of Storytelling

Halloween is a big deal around here.

Every year we dress up as a family.

We discuss and vote on our ideas at least (sometimes more) a year ahead of time.

We have certain criteria that we follow:

•Nothing scary
•Nothing that my grandmother wouldn't recognize (which eliminates trendy characters)
•Nothing expensive (this is grass roots all the way)
•Nothing revealed until Halloween (not that people don't try to shake us down ALL THE TIME)

Here are a few of our past costumes:

Wizard of Oz
Monte had just had an emergency appendectomy the week before and was still in pain.

His Tin Man mask ended up a little scarier than we intended.

He limped and moaned a little towards the end of the night after all that walking.

He was carrying an ax.

He couldn't figure out why little kids were running away from him.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
Oh my goodness, this makes me laugh.

Ellie as an Oompa Loompa and McDaniel blown up like a blueberry were just the best.
(If I do say so myself).

Charlie Brown and the Peanuts
You can't tell from the picture, but Ellie had yellow kitchen gloves on her shoes for Woodstock's feet. By the end of the night, the fingers toes were all gnarled and ripped from walking on the sidewalk.

Fast food characters.
I will let this picture speak for itself.

Yes, Monte was terrified of his own daughter dressed like Ronald McDonald.

Especially after eating a lot of candy and her make up got all smeary.

The Muppets
This was last year. People kept calling me Angry Elmo instead of Animal.

Come on, people! 
I had drumsticks in my hand and a collar around my neck!

Ellie was Miss Piggy and at her school's Halloween Parade, I over heard a mom
(who didn't know I was overhearing) 

say something to the effect of I never! 

that someone would let their child dress as a Playboy Bunny for a school Halloween Parade.


CLEARLY Ellie had on a snout and pig ears and, although you can't see it here, a curly piggy tail.

In the parade she was also holding a Kermit doll.

What Playboy was this chick used to looking through?!?

Sorry, I am still a little stung by this…!!!

It is going to be a COLD one tomorrow but I will reveal our costumes as soon as I can
which may be late.

McDaniel has basketball tryouts smack dab in the middle of Trick or Treat.

She tried to appeal to the coach but she didn't push it.

The coach still owes her a "pay back".

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  1. LOL. I see Miss. Piggie Duh!! some people huh ! But it's very funny though. Sending Blog Hop Love!


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