Wednesday, October 17, 2012

God Is Good

Day #17 of 31 Days of Storytelling

You know, I worry about stupid stuff.

I am sure you do too.
Don't leave me hanging out here alone.

But sometimes I really, REALLY let the little minuscule details of life snag me into a dark pit.

I am almost embarrassed to even mention this.


My husband was contacted by the CEO magazine of our city that his company was being awarded the "best of" in his company's category.

That's a big deal.

There was going to be an awards ceremony at a country club in our neighborhood.

He asked me to go with him.

No way.

I wasn't going.

I have been to these things before.

It always ends with someone asking me what I do and me saying, "I am a stay-at-home-mom" and they are all like, "Oh" and then there is this l-o-n-g pregnant pause with them looking at their watch like there is NOTHING possible on the planet that they could think to say to me.


Not going to do it.

But Monte asked please.

For him.

And he never does that.

But there was a mandatory meeting at school 
for my daughter's DC trip.


The school said we could go another night.

Then there was another meeting for ski club.

They said no big deal if we miss it.


Monte asked please.

It would mean a lot.



I got a new dress.

My bible study homework was all about not worrying about what to wear or what to eat.


I get it.

I am going!

I didn't wear my new dress.

It seemed too much.

And I didn't feel like much.

At all.

I wore all black.

This was a more relaxed me AFTER the event
but before I turned into a hyena.

Much more safe.

I did wear my new lipstick.

Just the pop of color I needed.
Thank you, Carisa!

We walked into a crowded room.

Barely found a place to set our plates down to munch on appetizers.

I was hungry.

Four people walked up and asked if they could share our table.


They were perfect for us.

We had so much in common.

Colleges, kids, faith and family.

The only things that matter.

No one asked me what I did.


I actually willingly offered the information.

And the guy I was talking to, get this,
thanked me 

for staying at home and doing the good work.

Fighting the good fight.

I almost cried.

Because I almost missed it.

Because of school meetings.

And my pride.

And a stupid dress that I didn't



But God had other plans.

Plans to prosper and not harm.

For a hope and a future.

Better than I could even imagine.

Monte was just beaming.

Then we went out to eat.

Because even though we WANTED to eat our weight in shrimp,

We didn't.

A girlfriend sent me a text.

Something about a dishwasher on a curb

with a political message.

And I lost it.

Much like I did here.

I could NOT stop laughing.
Monte didn't get it.

Then Monte's creme brûlée came.

He made a face and said it tasted like corn.

He said, a wee bit loud, "This is nasty!"

He may or may not have wiped his tongue off with his napkin.

I may or may not have spit out my decaf.

I ran to the bathroom.

Sat in a stall.

And laughed until I cried.

I could hear my high-pitched tee-hees echoing off the (thankfully) empty bathroom walls.

So I texted Carisa.

She knows how I get when under a lot of pressure.

I explode.

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