Saturday, October 06, 2012


Day #6 of 31 Days of Storytelling

We have two girls, one is 13 and one is 10. One is ready to watch movies that the other one isn't.

We aren't ready for the one to watch the movies she THINKS she is ready for.

Lost yet?

We were, er, are.

So my husband and I have been thinking about the movies we loved growing up. The timeless classics 

(which essentially means a lot from the 80s).

They thought E.T. was boring.

We let the oldest watch the Back to the Future series. She liked it a lot but the language kept us from letting the younger one watch.

I know! We were shocked too!

So far we've hit a win with Hoosiers 

I am one, so there's that. 
AND both my girls play basketball,
so there is definitely THAT.

My 10-year-old's take away from Hoosiers:  "Why were the boys' shorts SO SHORT and the cheerleaders' skirts SO LONG?"

Last weekend we ventured into Rocky territory.

Not literally.

No, wait, yes. Literally!

I realized as we watched 1 & 2 that I didn't see either one in the theater.

I was too young.

PLEASE let me have this one. I don't get to say this like, EVER!

And I really don't think I ever saw 2 the entire way through.

Also, those two movies are really love stories, without a ton of boxing in it.

My 13-year-old fell in love with Rocky:  "He's so adorable! I want someone like that!"

Needle scratching record. 
Music comes to a halt.

Is this how the Keaton family felt on Family Ties when Mallory brought home Nick?

He kinda even looks like Sylvester Stallone did in the Rambo movies.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, YOU ARE TOO YOUNG! 

Enjoy it.

Which is why I need you to just let me have what we talked about above.

Not that Rocky isn't endearing in his adoration and complete devotion to Adrian. It's what we hope our daughters will seek out in a mate.

You gotta love it when he says of his relationship with Adrian:  "We fill each other's gaps. She's got gaps. I've got gaps. We fill each other's gaps."

When my girlfriend and I were discussing this on our way to Sephora (story coming soon) she made the comment that it was an early Rocky version of Jerry Maguire's "You complete me."

You fill my gaps.

You complete me.

It is the same.

Rocky's just been hit one too many times in the head.

And he says "Yo" a lot.

I think I would have a problem if my son-in-law started greeting me with a "Yo!"

A big problem.

But Rocky isn't real.

Rocky isn't real.

Rocky isn't real.

Rocky #3 is scheduled for this weekend. That is when he fights Mr. T. If I remember right,

(since I was SO YOUNG) 

the boxing scenes get more intense.

With any luck, my teen will fall out of love with him.

If not, we will just show her a picture of Sylvester Stallone today.


  1. Julia8:06 PM

    Oh, how I love how you tell your stories! I came across your blog from The Nester link-ups and came to this day (#6) first and was laughing out loud hilariously! Love the 80's references and feel like we may be kindred spirits! I, too, am an 80's child (ok, teen) from the Hoosier state! And I also have had that experience of exposing my children to my favorite 80's movies only to be surprised by a) their lack of interest in such awesome movies or b) the LANGUAGE in some of those movies! So anyway, I have now added your blog to my favorites bar and can't wait to read your next story!!!

  2. Julia,

    Thank you SO MUCH for your encouraging comments! We just finished Rocky 3 so keep checking back on my blog. We tried to explain Mr. T and "The A Team" to my girls. Lots of questions and weird looks. :)


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