Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Dog and A Pig…?

Day #13 of 31 Days of Storytelling

I will explain the title.

But just not yet.
Haven't you figured out by now that I never do?

We have had Nigel, our Schnoodle,  for 5 years.

We got him when our youngest, Ellie, was in kindergarten.

I knew that if we waited another year when she was gone all day in the 1st grade, I would've tasted the sweetness of freedom and NEVER agreed to get SOMETHING else that needed caring for.

So we got him while I still had a kid home half days.

My husband didn't want me to get lonely during those l-o-n-g 3 hours of freedom.
He's considerate like that.

So we got Nigel when he weighed only 4 pounds.

He was (and still is) precious.

Nigel turning 5 on his birthday in August.
That is his new blue toy, Bo-Bo.

Look at the way he is giving Ellie a hug.
He is such a lover.


Not smiling.

Our vet had to remind us when we first got him to put him down so he could walk around every now and then.

We carried him everywhere!
(Still do.)

The other night during dinner, Ellie dropped on us that she wants a pig for Christmas.

This isn't the first time she's mentioned it but we didn't take her seriously before.

She meant it this time.

She explained that "someone" (don't believe it) she knows has a teacup pig and they are tiny and cute and NO TROUBLE.

Oh, My. Goodness.

How could we have a teacup pig and
NOT get it red boots?

So, to Monte's chagrin, we allowed ourselves to IMAGINE life with a teacup pig.

It would wear a tutu. Duh…!

Its little hooves would make an adorable click, click click on our hardwood floors.

It would be named Ignacious but called Iggy. So we could call it Iggy the Piggy.
Tell me that's not adorable!

We were already in love with Iggy.

She would sleep with us.

Nigel would love her and be such a protective big brother.

Monte would have no problem walking Iggy down the street wearing a tutu.


Monte sprinkled a little reality on our pig dreams and told us to research it.

I did a little looksee on the Google to verify Ellie's story of NO TROUBLE teacup pigs.




These teacup or pixie pigs as they are sometimes called, are extremely intelligent.

(as is our Nigel, sweet thing sleeping on the chair right now needing NOTHING from me, bless him!)

These mini pigs are so smart they can open lower cabinets in search of food.

I need to see that (in this "someone's" house, not mine).

They also can't regulate their body temperature so you need to keep them covered in blankets. They also walk around dragging their favorite blankie around with them.

Sounds like a toddler.

They get attached to a certain show on television or song on the radio and if you turn it off, they become despondent until you turn it back on.

Long pause. 
Did you just hear my eyebrows raise?

Sounds like a teenager.
(She said with a shudder.)

They are not like dogs who become trained to "go" outside. They "go" in boxes or on paper. But they are so small that if you put the said box or paper too far from them they 

make it. 

They just give up and go on your floor. 
Or rug. 
Or kitchen cabinet since they are in there anyway scavenging for food.

Sounds WAY too much like a cat.
Monte is deathly allergic to cats.
I just hate them.

If the pigs haven't been conditioned enough by the breeders, they will scream like a baby every time you pick them up.

And they can't eat anything salty.

And you have to introduce them slowly to your existing pets.

Nigel is only 13 pounds, but judging on the way he chases

and squirrels 
and birds 
and chipmunks 
and the mailman
around the yard, 

this little piggy would be screaming




all the way home.

Home meaning not here.

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