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A Hairy Situation

I was vacuuming a few days ago when it started making a very weird noise.

“It” meaning the vacuum.
Not me.
Or anything coming from the fireplace.
This was NOT a “call the fire department” moment.

I decided to investigate the noise and realized a plastic piece on the side of the vacuum kept popping out.
Not sure why that particular piece was key to the operation of the ENTIRE vacuum 
but I didn’t design it.
I flipped the vacuum over and discovered the horror that was the rolling brush inside.
What in the holy hair?!

I had to give our vacuum a hair cut.

After I saw just how much hair I cut out of the poor roller brush, I started to understand why that plastic piece was trying to jump ship.

And wonder if Chewbacca did not in fact live in our house.

After that disgusting task, I tried using the vacuum again.
Didn’t help.
Not even a little bit.
The plastic piece kept falling out.
And I started noticing that it wasn’t really  sucking anything up off the floor.
I called Monte and we figured out …

Going Green


The green smoothie wasn’t bad.

It wasn’t bad AT ALL.
In fact, after I got over the shocking green color,  it was GOOD.
It’s filling and makes me forget about wanting a second cup of coffee if I drink one for breakfast.

Click on the link for the recipe I found online at

I liked this one because it didn’t include fruit juice which I think makes smoothies too sweet or dairy which I think makes smoothies too thick.

Here is how I make the Energizing Green Smoothie since I don’t like mango:

• 2 cups fresh spinach • 2 cups water
Mix the water and spinach in the blender by themselves to get rid of green chunks.

Green chunks that stick in your teeth are bad  if you ever want to drink a second green smoothie.
• 1 cup frozen strawberries • 1 cup frozen pineapple • 2 bananas • 2 tablespoons chia seeds  (I got the white ones because I know myself and drinking something  with black seeds in it would freak me out)

They aren’t kidding about the energizing part.

I hav…

Public Speaking

My high school daughter just started a public speaking class.

She gave her first speech this week.
McDaniel had to bring in three things that defined her in a bag that also had a tie-in.

She brought in things that represented her faith, her name and her love of writing.

All in a KFC bucket to represent her love of fried chicken.
She wasn’t nervous.  Not even a little bit.
Public speaking is way up there in the top fears of man.
For some, even more so than death.
After speaking at my church’s women’s retreat this past October,  I get that.
McDaniel told me all about the speeches that she will need to give over the next semester.
They are basically the same speeches I was required to give when I was in high school.
It brought me back.
And honestly,  I don’t remember being nervous  back then either.
I had THE BEST public speaking class.
It was filled with a variety of people due to the fact that everyone HAD to take this class to graduate.
I remember the girl who got so nervous during every.…


When life gives you a predicament,

a real one,
not what to cook for dinner or what to wear.
It is sooo easy to listen to what the world would have us to do
rather than God.
It’s easy to run to a person,
especially the one who will tell us we are always right,
always justified,
and give us the absolute easiest solution possible
with little to no growth  or change or skin off our own nose.
The world is such a liar.
And it is filled with liars.
Liars that we go to for counsel.
We hear from them that it’s okay to pursue happiness over character.
Selfishness over community.
Obsession over moderation.
Personal rights over sanctity of life.
It’s how “unschooling” was born.
And a ridiculous term called “affluenza”.
And a disturbing show called “My Strange Addiction”.
When did the world decide that telling a kid to sit down and do their homework was destructive?
Or employing accountability?
Or telling an adult that NO they cannot pretend  to be a lamp  or eat Draino?
Once we accept Christ and actua…

Happy New Year

It’s 2016 and everyone, it seems, is trying to start fresh.

I talked with a girlfriend yesterday and we both were looking at meal planning websites to kickstart dinner time.

I hate routine when it comes to meals.
My palette needs variety.
And my eyes need color.
I can’t eat a plate of all brown.
Monte has no problem with that.
In fact, an all-brown plate is something  he’d order a plate of right now.
With a side of meat on a stick.
So far, my meal planning has produced only two recipes.
I just can’t get my mouth around quinoa, bulgar and flax seed.
Why do SO MANY recipes include them?
Oddly enough, I also have a mild curiosity about making green smoothies.
Then I looked at the possible ingredients.
IF I take this green smoothie step, there will be substitutions.

On top of wanting to add some variety to our meals,
I’m desiring to clean out all the things  from all the areas of our house.
I talked with my neighbor about just this topic this morning.
There’s always that one room in the house  w…