Friday, January 29, 2016

A Hairy Situation

I was vacuuming a few days ago when it started making a very weird noise.

“It” meaning the vacuum.

Not me.

Or anything coming from the fireplace.

I decided to investigate the noise and realized a plastic piece on the side of the vacuum kept popping out.

Not sure why that particular piece was key to the operation of the ENTIRE vacuum 

but I didn’t design it.

I flipped the vacuum over and discovered the horror that was the rolling brush inside.

What in the holy hair?!

I had to give our vacuum a hair cut.

After I saw just how much hair I cut out of the poor roller brush, I started to understand why that plastic piece was trying to jump ship.

And wonder if Chewbacca did not in fact live in our house.

After that disgusting task, I tried using the vacuum again.

Didn’t help.

Not even a little bit.

The plastic piece kept falling out.

And I started noticing that it wasn’t really 
sucking anything up off the floor.

I called Monte and we figured out the vacuum was almost 10 years old and possibly not worth the repair cost of having it fixed.

So, with coupon in hand, I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought the cheapest thing I could find.

The last vacuum we had was a Dyson that we loved, 

until the noise 
and broken plastic piece 

but then, that’s our fault.

Monte and I quickly decided that we weren’t going to shell out the money for another Dyson and with him on the phone doing searches on brands, we decided to go with a Shark Rocket.

Mainly because it was on sale and I had a coupon.

And also because it was very lightweight.
And got good reviews.

This thing is powerful!

I have to keep it on the low setting or it tries to suck up an entire area rug!

It wasn’t until I was trying not to suck up all our area rugs that I realized it didn’t have any detachable hose features.

We definitely need that for our carpeted basement stairs.

So we’ve decided to get a handheld little cordless vacuum.

So, all is right with the world 

and there is a broken, 
Dyson in the garage waiting for trash day.

In other news, McDaniel is getting her hair cut on Friday…


  1. You had me with your title! There are SO many choices in vacuum (am I the only one who has to double check the spelling of that word?!)cleaners these days. I love when I have a coupon and also love that we can research and read reviews to help us out. Glad you are enjoying your new one : )

  2. I bought a cordless vacuum that is lightweight and I like it but I have the same issue...all that HAIR! Why doesn't it suck right up and not get caught in the brushes! What a mess. Did I mention I dislike vacuuming LOL? Glad you found one you like :)


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