Monday, January 25, 2016

Going Green


The green smoothie wasn’t bad.

It wasn’t bad AT ALL.

In fact, after I got over the shocking green color, 
it was GOOD.

It’s filling and makes me forget about wanting a second cup of coffee if I drink one for breakfast.

Click on the link for the recipe I found online at

I liked this one because it didn’t include fruit juice which I think makes smoothies too sweet or dairy which I think makes smoothies too thick.

Here is how I make the Energizing Green Smoothie since I don’t like mango:

• 2 cups fresh spinach
• 2 cups water

Mix the water and spinach in the blender by themselves to get rid of green chunks.


Green chunks that stick in your teeth are bad 
if you ever want to drink a second green smoothie.

• 1 cup frozen strawberries
• 1 cup frozen pineapple
• 2 bananas
• 2 tablespoons chia seeds 
(I got the white ones because I know myself and drinking something 
with black seeds in it would freak me out)

They aren’t kidding about the energizing part.

I haven’t had to have my usual afternoon tea pick-me-up since having this for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Over the weekend I ran out of spinach and strawberries and decided to substitute it with kale and raspberries.

The green was intense.

 It turned a gazpacho color.

It tasted like farts.

I’m sorry, that was graphic.

And 100% true.

But I forced myself to drink it since I tallied up the cost of all the fruit and it seemed a shame to waste.

And I didn’t go into intestinal distress like I feared,
so that’s… good.

I happily made a pitcher of my good ol’ spinach smoothies this morning. 

It makes 3 servings for me but I’m sure I could squeeze 4 out of it.

I either keep the pitcher in the fridge for later or I freeze the extra into separate ziplocs and defrost them in the sink under hot water before drinking them (I use a spoon to chunk up any left over frozen parts). 

Hope you like it and let me know how you alter the recipe.

Unless it involves kale.


  1. I love kale and grow it in the garden but for smoothies I definitely prefer spinach. We grow two varieties of blueberries and freeze enough for smoothies all year long. They are so sweet that even my husbands sweet tooth is satisfied : ) I use ground flax (he has no idea) but have not tried the chia seeds. (Mine ARE black). I did make some energy balls this week with chia seeds that are really good. They have a no bake cookie taste to them (his favorite cookies) but much healthier.

  2. All these recipes are great. I have also started drinking Green energy drinks. I have found so many recipes online and try different one each day. I would like to try your recipes too. Thanks for sharing them!


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