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80s Surprise Birthday Party

My friend Carisa and I were born just 3 days apart.

It took us about 38 years to meet and realize that. 
She once wrote me a sweet email

(after we had met through church about 5 years ago)
 that God, in His infinite wisdom and sovereignty,  waited until JUST the right moment to cross our paths.
Like He was up in heaven saying

"Not now. Wait for it…"

Then BOOM.
Karmen and Carisa happened.
And we've been HAPPENING

ever since. (If I could only talk about all those HAPPENINGS!  You'd wet your pants.  Or maybe that's just us.  Okay, just me.)
When Carisa and I were turning 40, it came out that she had never had a birthday party.

[Sound of needle scratching record to stop the music.]
I decided to fix that.

I NEEDED to fix that.
Fix it good.
(Ok, now I'm singing Devo.)

So I threw her a tea.

She is from Kentucky.

So I had everyone in attendance at the tea house  read a stanza of a Jimmy Dean (yes, of sausage fame) poem
in their best Carisa accent.
(Boy, does she ever have…

Why The Bible Is Working

I don't mean the bible, bible.

I mean The Bible.

Don't get me wrong, the bible is working. Every day it is living and breathing and WORKING.

But I mean to talk about the TV show, The Bible today.
I read several blogs.
Some crafty, some DIY, some design in nature, some humorous, some faith-based.
I was caught off guard by some of the comments made to a blog post about the show The Bible.
The negative criticism.
One person admitted to YELLING at the screen in disgust. (Didn't really even explain why.)
As I read through these comments I was stunned when I realized that they were all made by Christians. 
It may have made a teence bit more sense if these comments were made by nay-sayers to our faith.
But these were CHRISTIANS.
The overall nature of these comments were negative due to the way The Bible omitted one story or handled another.
Here's what I have to say:
But I went into my viewing of this series with that in mind.
I kno…


We have a Spring Break countdown going on here.

It is both taking forever and creeping up on me FAST.

It doesn't help that it was 27 degrees  when I took the girls to school this morning
or that I have a whopper headache and a sore throat
or that I am trying to keep up with the spring wardrobe needs  of my EVER GROWING girls (What do you mean you have NO shorts that fit?!)
or that I feel like a pasty white fat cow.
Yeah, I am having one of those days.
The girls were excitedly talking a mile a minute about our trip
as we left Waffle HouseSunday after lunch.

The girls mentioned it would be the first long road trip in our new Honda Pilot 
a.k.a The Manvan.

Then Ellie brought up how one long road trip didn't start out so well in our other vehicle.
Not. So. Well. At. All.
It was June a few years ago and we were (as my friend Beth put it) 
"not even 7 songs into a l-o-n-g road trip" (not that she has retold this story or anything)
when Monte decides he needs to stop to go to the bath…

Thinking Things Out…In His Presence

I have been thinking about things.

Really, God has been working on me about a few things.
I've just been sitting back thinking on what it is He is working on me about.

I know, I just finished that sentence with a preposition.
Yesterday morning, our daughters came into our room and got into bed with us and we talked and laughed and shared a leftover cranberry scone that a lovely friend made.
We needed to rush.
To get ready for church.
But it seemed so perfect 
what we were doing
laughing  and talking  and getting crumbs  everywhere.
Ellie told us about a part of the book "Diary of A Wimpy Kid"

when Greg fell asleep in the bathroom. 
On the toilet.  (I just whispered that part).
When he woke up, he stood with a start but his legs were asleep 
and he fell
and broke his wrist.
What middle school aged boy wants to admit that he has a cast on his arm because of a 
bathroom incident? (also whispered)
So he told everyone he got into a fight 
and the sheer force of his punch
broke his wri…

Wishes of Warm Birthday Party

My husband grew up in south Florida.

Ohio's winters can get l-o-n-g for him.
And his birthday is in February.

Always pretty cold.
So I decided to bring him reminders of warm weather for his birthday a few years ago.

I had received the awesome Hello, Cupcake

book from my friend Carisa and found this idea in it:

Now that I look at both of them,

not so much of a match.
But it is the THOUGHT that counts.


So. Much. To. Cover.

Three years ago my oldest daughter, McDaniel, did a 5th grade project on the solar system. They got to pick a planet to study, write a report and craft a visual.

She chose Uranus.

Of course, she did.
But she didn't realize what she did.

She asked me why everyone laughed when she picked Uranus as her project.

I may or may not have patted her on the head and said something dismissive like,

"Don't you worry about them." or "I have no idea."
I am all about denial  when it comes to Uranus.
McDaniel truly did not know about the potential tee-hee of Uranus.

It gets worse.

Pour more coffee if you must.

McDaniel researched and wrote an impressive report on the planet Uranus.

She was on the computer in the den trying to come up with a "snazzy" title for her project.

Ellie and I were in the living room reading those crazy instructional 1st grade books about owls and a boy named Peter going to get eggs at the store.

Mind. Numbing.

Thrift Store Birthday Party

We like parties at our house.

And birthdays are a BIG DEAL.
My daughters like to talk about themes for their birthday parties all year long.

My oldest daughter, McDaniel, came up with a thrift store theme for her birthday some time ago.

WAY before that stupid song came out.
She has been forced to like thrift stores by me.

After finding some pretty cool stuff,  she genuinely likes to thrift now.
She decided to enlighten some of her friends on the thrift store experience this past weekend.

She handed out price tag shaped invitations that I made. (Can't find an extra one to photograph.)
Since we were taking 13 14-year-olds shopping,  we decided that bright t-shirts would make them easy to spot.
We found a 2 for $5 deal at Joann Fabrics.

My husband Monte picked those up and had to negotiate HARD for them to honor the online deal in the store.

They did.
Because that is how it is with Monte.
But they rang each of the 15 shirts separately. Typing in 100 numbers each time.
Monte felt the hate…