Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wishes of Warm Birthday Party

My husband grew up in south Florida.

Ohio's winters can get l-o-n-g for him.

And his birthday is in February.


Always pretty cold.

So I decided to bring him reminders of warm weather for his birthday a few years ago.

I had received the awesome Hello, Cupcake

book from my friend Carisa and found this idea in it:

Monte went to the University of Florida.
Their mascot is the Gators.

Now that I look at both of them,

not so much of a match.

But it is the THOUGHT that counts.
The teeth are marshmallows I cut into triangles and the pupils in the eyes are mini Junior Mints an the toenails are
the bananas in Runts.

I also surprised him with flamingos in the yard. It was like 10 degrees that morning. And 82 degrees in his hometown.

Trying to be a good sport.

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  1. My husband just told me he checked the weather,it was 82 degrees here on this day last year. Tonight it will be 17. I feel your husband's pain, and I'm not even from Florida.


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