Monday, March 25, 2013

Why The Bible Is Working

I don't mean the bible, bible.

I mean The Bible.

Don't get me wrong, the bible is working. Every day it is living and breathing and WORKING.

But I mean to talk about the TV show, The Bible today.

I read several blogs.

Some crafty,
some DIY,
some design in nature,
some humorous,
some faith-based.

I was caught off guard by some of the comments made to a blog post about the show The Bible.

The negative criticism.

One person admitted to YELLING at the screen in disgust.
(Didn't really even explain why.)

As I read through these comments I was stunned when I realized that they were all made by Christians. 


It may have made a teence bit more sense if these comments were made by nay-sayers to our faith.

But these were CHRISTIANS.


The overall nature of these comments were negative due to the way The Bible omitted one story or handled another.

Here's what I have to say:



But I went into my viewing of this series with that in mind.

I know the truth.
(I don't need a TV show to tell it to me.)

My husband has a guy in his office that he's known for almost 15 years. 

He came into his office a few weeks ago and closed the door.

That is never a good sign.

Monte expected the worst.

But the co-worker asked Monte if he'd been watching The Bible.

Monte said he had.

He sighed in relief and wondered if Monte would answer a few questions he and his wife had about the show 
(which in fact is truly a question about the bible in general 
which in all TRUTH is about Christianity in general.)

Monte said it was the sweetest conversation they'd ever had.

The next Monday morning the co-worker came into Monte's office, closed the door and asked more questions about The Bible.

The next week too.

In fact, he is probably sitting in front of Monte right now asking him questions since The Bible aired last night.

Praise God, isn't that lovely?!

So, no, it wasn't a big deal to this co-worker that Sarah showed up after Abraham's almost sacrifice of Isaac (even though we all know it was a 3-day journey).

Or that Delilah only attempted to deceive Samson into telling the source of his great strength once and we all know it was like 4 times.

It doesn't matter!!

What matters is that there is a guy and his wife who are so intrigued by this show called The Bible that they write questions down so he can go into his place of work and ask his boss about them.

So regardless of how any of those negative comment writing Christians feel about it,

The Bible is working.

God is working.

And it is good.


  1. Sumita3:29 PM

    Praise God! Feeling convicted to pray that the show causes many to turn to God's Word for Truth that brings them to salvation, joy and peace. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Absolutely! THANK YOU for sharing a lovely story. We have loved watching this with the boys. They ask about the Bible all the time and when we'll see it next. You are right Karmen. This show will turn people to seek out answers to questions they have and turn people to God's Word. Yes, we have seen some of the "errors" but it does not take away from THE Message. Gretchen

  3. Julia8:32 AM

    I totally agree with you! We don't get cable so won't be able to see the series until it's out on DVD, but we have heard others talking about it. I have heard friends at work discussing it and a friend of mine at church is having a very similar experience as Monte with a friend at his work asking these questions. I love what you said that this is Hollywood, not the Holy Word! Thanks for your perspective!


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