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When We Miss Jesus

During our recent Easter church service, it really popped out at me that after Jesus had risen, Mary Magdalene didn’t recognize Him.

In fact, she thought Jesus was the gardener. 
The gardener!
Sobbing that Jesus was gone, Mary asked this "gardener" if He had taken Jesus’s body.

Isn’t that something?
She didn’t recognize Jesus!
But Jesus wasn’t offended.

He just called her by name.
And then she knew. Instantly.

Read it for yourself in John 20:10-18.
Our pastor showed us a Rembrandt depicting the scene.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that.

The not recognizing Jesus.
It’s so easy for me to think, duh, Mary, how could you NOT know Jesus standing right in front of you?

She had just been walking around with Him.

She saw Him teach and perform miracles.
You’d think she would know better than most, every wrinkle in His face  and the amazing love in His eyes.
But she didn’t.

Maybe that’s because it was still somewhat dark as dawn was just breaking.

Maybe that’s because Mary wasn’t just crying t…

The Grocery Store, Bernie Sanders, My Friend’s Father and Bah Humbug

We got back from Spring Break a few days before Easter.

I’ve been to the grocery store a lot since then.

One just to get supplies for necessary living after being gone for a week.

And then to stock up for Easter brunch. I made some great new recipes which I will share soon.
And then again to get McDaniel stocked up with supplies  for a school trip to New York City.
During one visit to the grocery store with my brunch menu in hand, I saw who I thought was presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

After a few side way glances in the toothpaste aisle,  I determined he smiled far too much to be Bernie Sanders.

Then I swear I saw my childhood friend’s father. He looked JUST like him. Same smile, build, everything! I followed him through frozen foods to try to sneak a picture to send to my friend but then I realized that I can barely take a picture smoothly WHEN I WANT TO let alone when I want to do it on the sly.

So I went back to my list.

I decided to make a lighter, less sweet punch for East…

Only God

I want to talk about suffering.

I know.

[Insert needle scratching across a record noise here]
I have had a front row seat to some people who are suffering over the past year.
Some a few rows further back.
Some more like a passing glance.
But each example has been amazing.
Not that these particular people have been in pain
but it was HOW they handled it  that blew me away.
I’ve come to realize that I’ve never felt more in the presence of God than when I’m watching someone suffer well.
Not be in denial.
Or put on a happy mask for the public eye.
But true, real, breathing possession of the peace that surpasses all understanding.

It was as if I could feel God holding them in the palm of His hand.
The people I’ve witnessed were completely justified in feeling…bad.
Their circumstances were punches in the emotional and spiritual gut.
But instead of grieving in such a way  that clouded the space around them,
they lit it up.

Monte described one of the suffering people in our lives after run…


I’ve been so busy.

I’ve written about our trip to Miami for Monte’s 50th birthday but I haven’t uploaded all the pictures and the thought of doing that right now is exhausting.

I will get to it.
At some point.
So…it’s March!

My dear friend Sumita had a big birthday.

There was an “incident” when I was walking to my car with those number balloons.

It decided to get windy all of a sudden.

And the 0 whipped right over my head,
well, on my head I should say.
My head was peaking out of the middle of the 0 like I was wearing a neck brace. 

A really big, metallic pink neck brace.
I feared I’d let go of the balloons so I bent my head to hold the 0 against my neck and shoulder.

Another gust of wind whipped the hook part of the 5 against the back of my leg.

I thought that was good so I could kinda hold it there by sliding my leg along like it was wooden.

I heard a kid in the parking lot say,

“Mommy, look at the balloons!”
I couldn’t see the kid because my head was inside  an enormous 0.
I wanted to…