Monday, March 28, 2016

The Grocery Store, Bernie Sanders, My Friend’s Father and Bah Humbug

We got back from Spring Break a few days before Easter.

I’ve been to the grocery store a lot since then.

One just to get supplies for necessary living after being gone for a week.

And then to stock up for Easter brunch.
I made some great new recipes which I will share soon.

And then again to get McDaniel stocked up with supplies
 for a school trip to New York City.

During one visit to the grocery store with my brunch menu in hand, I saw who I thought was presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

After a few side way glances in the toothpaste aisle, 
I determined he smiled far too much to be Bernie Sanders.

Then I swear I saw my childhood friend’s father. He looked JUST like him. Same smile, build, everything! I followed him through frozen foods to try to sneak a picture to send to my friend but then I realized that I can barely take a picture smoothly WHEN I WANT TO let alone when I want to do it on the sly.

So I went back to my list.

I decided to make a lighter, less sweet punch for Easter than my grandmother’s slushy punch recipe.

The recipe called for peach nectar.

I thought, no big deal, go to the juice aisle.

Not there.

Then I looked in the organic section’s juice aisle.


They had something called Bilberry Nectar 
and a drinkable aloe 
but not peach nectar.

So I thought maybe this was something fancy people put into fru-fru mixed drinks with little umbrellas so I took my full shopping cart to that aisle.

I stood there looking at all manner of flavored things and something called bitters when an older man came around the corner fast and ran into my cart with his.

With a scowl on his face he loudly said,


Then pushed his cart off.


As in humbug?

Do people still say Bah Humbug?!

So I know now that I did NOT indeed see Bernie Sanders or my childhood best friend’s father in the grocery store.

But I was just one humbug shy of running into Ebeneezer Scrooge!

**The peach nectar was not in the mixers section.**

A few texts later my friend directed me 
(and by me I mean Monte because I could NOT
 go to one. more. grocery store.) 
to the Mexican section of the store and we struck peach nectar gold!

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  1. "Bah" haha. I can almost hear you whispering "humbug" as he walked away :)


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