Monday, March 07, 2016


I’ve been so busy.

I’ve written about our trip to Miami for Monte’s 50th birthday but I haven’t uploaded all the pictures and the thought of doing that right now is exhausting.

I will get to it.

At some point.

So…it’s March!

My dear friend Sumita had a big birthday.

There was an “incident” when I was walking to my car with those number balloons.

It decided to get windy all of a sudden.

And the 0 whipped right over my head,

well, on my head I should say.

My head was peaking out of the middle of the 0 like I was wearing a neck brace. 

A really big, metallic pink neck brace.

I feared I’d let go of the balloons so I bent my head to hold the 0 against my neck and shoulder.

Another gust of wind whipped the hook part of the 5 against the back of my leg.

I thought that was good so I could kinda hold it there by sliding my leg along like it was wooden.

I heard a kid in the parking lot say,

“Mommy, look at the balloons!”

I couldn’t see the kid because my head was inside 
an enormous 0.

I wanted to yell,

“Help! Don’t look at the balloons. Look at the woman trapped INSIDE the balloons!”


our women’s bible study gathered for lunch to honor Sumita.

I love these women!

It was an elephant theme since Sumita loves elephants.

I cut out elephant shapes on different colored card stock and had everyone write down things they love about Sumita and advice for her now that she’s 50.

I printed out this cute picture and framed it for her.

Print by Marc Johns.

It says,

“I’m truly surprised that we seem to get by
without polka dot elephants, serving us pie."

I looked up some facts about female elephants and couldn’t help but see some similarities between the characteristics of the matriarch elephant and Sumita.

So I pointed them out, presentation style.

It was a fun day!

The very next day, my oldest baby turned 17.

Yes, she’s wearing a sack on her head.
And no, I have no idea why.

This is the last year she can’t be tried as an adult should she end up on the wrong side of the law.

(As my friend reminded me.)

When McDaniel saw Sumita’s cool balloons she asked for them for her birthday.

Back to the party store I went.

Even though it was pouring rain as I walked to my car with the balloons, there were no incidents.

No entanglement or kids pointed at me.

I called Sumita and pondered if that was prophetic.

17 is easier than 50.

She wondered why I was bringing that up to her ON HER 50th BIRTHDAY.

Back to McDaniel…

We snapped this before school.

McDaniel had trouble coming up with anything she wanted for her birthday except for what she ALWAYS asks for:  a goat. A goat that she will name Tom Hanks.

Still a no on that request.

But I did find this awesome gift bag.

How perfect! 
Inside was a pair of running pants I found on clearance at an expensive yoga store. 

They were labeled “Harlem Globetrotter” pants but they reminded me more of Rocky. 

Track season starts this week so I thought they’d be fun.

McDaniel had the SATs on Saturday so she saw fit to pump herself up by wearing her Rocky pants. We even watched Creed the night before to get her in the fighting spirit.

McDaniel told us she wanted to go to Waffle House for dinner.

Fine by us!

It seems like it has been a season of celebrations from February until now. And I didn’t even mention the bridal shower Julie and I hosted this past weekend.

I’ll post pictures of that next.

I had a cheese shredding incident…


  1. Those birthday balloons look fun! I hope my kids never see them! LOL

  2. Wow you have had a busy time of it. I love the balloons! The bag you gave your daughter is adorable! Take some time to rest LOL

  3. You with the big "O" on your head and no picture?! You crack me up. You throw such beautiful and heartfelt parties - what a blessing you are to those around you. I have passed the big 50 and lived to tell about it. Your daughters are so cute. And now I want waffles...


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