Friday, August 07, 2015

More of our Fripp Trip

On the Monday of our vacation, Ellie turned 13.

We celebrated her 1st birthday at Fripp (I remember seeing a double rainbow that year from our balcony)

so it seemed so fitting that we usher in 
her teenage years at Fripp too.

We’ve celebrated more of Ellie’s birthdays 
on that island than not.

We always decorate whatever beach house we are in after she’s gone to bed so she’s surprised on the morning of her birthday.

My brother thought the pearlized color of the
gum balls looked like mermaid eggs.
 There were chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

Monte decided at the last minute to buy Ellie a selfie stick.

It ended up being the hit of the week.

Mimi and the girls.

Gramp and Monte.

The dunes on the beach are protected and wild in parts.

We went on a walk one night and this deer kept following us.

I am not much of a baker. So when Ellie mentioned wanting cookie cups for ice cream instead of a traditional birthday cake, I felt up for the challenge.

I had to throw away the first batch because Pinterest said to put the dough on the UNDERSIDE of a muffin tin to form them into bowls.

Didn’t work.
Pinterest FAIL.

Not sure if that had to do with 
the gluten-free cookie mix 
I bought by mistake.

Putting the dough in the bottom and sides of the muffin tin (like a pie crust) worked much better!

Ellie’s creation. Isn’t it beautiful?

I forgot birthday candles so my dad came up with a solution.

 Ellie not sure how this is going to play out while we sang to her.

My brother, Kwin, my mom, me and the girls with our cookie bowls.

McDaniel “hammocks” now. It’s what she does with her friends all around town. They go to a park and set up their hammocks and literally “hang out”. 

While I don’t get “hammocking” in a gazebo in Ohio, I truly do get “hammocking” between two palm trees while vacationing at the beach. 

I’m pretty sure that’s how God 
and the makers of hammocks 
intended it to be.

McDaniel, Ellie and my dad have taken a picture on this gator statue since they’ve been old enough to climb up on it.

This is what McDaniel and I thought of Sharknado 3.

I love this picture of the girls, although it’s dark. It’s on one of Fripp’s golf courses that we sneak onto at dusk to peak at one of our favorite spots.


It’s a fuzzy picture but these trees house numerous egrets. They make the most interesting sound. 

I have to come here every year. It’s one of my happy spots. I have many happy spots on Fripp.

Dad and Monte before their morning walk on the beach.

This is a marsh view. It smells amazing. The pluff mud has a distinct smell.  I roll my windows down to breathe it in when we drive onto the island for the first time each trip. 

It’s the smell of relaxation. 

Put that on a t-shirt.

Ellie wasn’t as excited to pose by the pirate in the food court this year. She used to LOVE it.

Nan taking a shot in the park.
In flip flops.

Stay tuned to hear about the baby turtles we saw on the beach.



  1. What a great place to celebrate a birthday and I love how you thought to bring decorations to make it even more special! I made some of the cookie cups filled with pudding and they were a hit with extended family. I have to admit using pre-made dough because that is what the recipe called for and it was too oily for me. The recipe I used did say to form them like you did - inside the tin- and it worked well. I will try it again and I love the idea of filling with ice cream rather than pudding. Oh, you have me wanting to go to the beach this very moment! We have a week of vacation (some filled with projects...) so hope to get there at least for the day.

  2. My favorite ... "Put that on a T-shirt"


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