Thursday, August 20, 2015

Taking a Breath

It’s been hard to keep to any sort of writing schedule these past few weeks.

We’ve had text book pick up days.

School pictures.

Journalism Camp.
(Yes, it’s a thing.)

Mentor training.



Checks to write.

In the midst of it, we took off for my parent’s house for a VERY ABBREVIATED (thanks to the above list) Camp Indiana.

Yesterday and today the girls started school.

McDaniel pointing and laughing at Ellie who had to start
school an entire day earlier than her.
We’ve been walking them to school since

Waiting to pick up Ellie from school.
I don’t know how the flag figured in but McDaniel
felt the need to wave it out of the sun roof until Ellie
got into the car.
 This morning, McDaniel started school.

Claire and McDaniel.
Neighbors and buddies since diapers.

Just a week ago, we were doing fun things like this at Camp Indiana:

McDaniel playing basketball at my old elementary school
with a corn field across the street.

Ellie not mowing the grass but just driving
the mower around. For fun.
The girls love going to the farmer’s market/petting zoo.

This year they added a 9-hole miniature golf course--right by the chickens.

McDaniel and Ellie posing by the miniature horse named Meg.
You can’t tell by this picture but she was having a bad hair day.

Noah the llama wouldn’t look at us. Seriously pouting about something.

I just realized that today is Nigel’s birthday.

He’s 8.

And terribly excited about it.

So I hope to get back to some sort of routine soon.

Today, I’m filling in the calendar with too many things,
taking a much needed deep breath
and enjoying a wonderfully quiet house 
all. by. myself.



  1. Your girls are so cute and McDaniel is the spitting image of sweet mama. I am guessing by the photos that she shares your sense of humor as well. Happy new school year (and prayers too!)

  2. Can't believe how our babies have grown

  3. 'He’s 8.And terribly excited about it.'- LOL! What a cutie he is :)
    Your daughters are adorable - such a nice, honest, smiley faces! :-D
    Hope you'll enjoy even more relaxing moments in September.
    I hope you'll share your post with Idea Box:



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