Monday, August 10, 2015

15 Seconds of Fame

I’m going to interrupt my regularly scheduled Fripp Trip recap to bring you this fun little tidbit.

My husband, Monte, got mentioned on 
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!

He did!

He really, really did!

Let me explain.

Jimmy does this thing on Wednesdays where he tweets out on Twitter a hashtag to invite people to send in their best stories that correspond to that hashtag. Like, #mydadusedtosay or #worstdateever.

Jimmy reads the best tweets on the air.

Monte and I always talk about tweeting in something but ultimately we each forget to check what the hashtag is for that week and we rarely stay up late enough to watch The Tonight Show each night.

We just watch clips of it on You Tube.
Doesn’t everyone?

Well, Monte was sitting in a hotel room alone in Pittsburgh for business all last week and found out that the hashtag prompt for the week was #worstsummerjobs.

Monte instantly knew he was going to write about 
his job at Chuck E. Cheese.

He wasn’t even sure how to tweet something that included a hashtag.

But he did it.

Then he forgot about it.

He casually mentioned it to me when he got home on Thursday.

I read it, thought it was funny and forgot about it too.

We pushed the limits of our bedtime by watching the Republican debate.

When we did go to bed, we flipped on The Tonight Show but it was already into the interview portion of the show so we turned it off and fell asleep.

We both forgot that Jimmy would be reading 
the best tweets on Thursday night’s show.

The next day, Monte noticed at lunch that his Twitter account had all kinds of activity going on.

So he went to The Tonight Show website, found a clip of the #worstsummerjob responses that were read and 

what do you know,

Monte’s was the first one read!

It’s been fun to hear from people who actually watched Monte’s tweet being read thinking,

“Hey! I’ve heard that story before.

The very next night, the girls were teasing Monte about not being cool when Monte replied,

“Jimmy thinks I’m funny!”

Then I heard him at church tell someone,

“Karmen’s the writer in the family, 
but Jimmy read my tweet on television."

That’s when I realized that Monte is going 
to ride this horse until it dies.

And then maybe a little bit more after that.


  1. Oh, that is too fun!

  2. So how is it being married to someone famous? : ) Now if only Jimmy could get a hold of your post about the pants incident!


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