Thursday, January 22, 2015

God Knows My Funny

Yesterday morning was intense.

Lots of different emotions coming out loudly

and some tersely typed in email form.

Just an all out 

very tense,

no good,


bad morning.

Not the way I would’ve preferred 
to spend the early part of my day.

Then I got a call from school that McDaniel was sick and needed to come home.

Not how I planned to spend the rest of my day.

Some time before I picked up soup, saltines and orange juice, I got a text from my mom with a little nugget that changed my day.

Without too many specific details,
an elderly woman was escorted out of the public library in my hometown wearing nothing but

a coat, 

a pair of shoes 

and a smile.

No, she wasn’t drunk. 
I asked.

But she was in the book club that my mom leads 
at that very same library.

Poor thing is on the slippery slope of senility.

She might very well be at the bottom of that slope now.

Not that senility is funny.

It isn’t.

But the incident was funny.

And I needed to laugh.

In the same way falling can be painful
but it will ALWAYS be funny to me.


Of course, I had to text Carisa all the details while I was asking to borrow her Little Green Machine carpet cleaner.

You would NOT believe the caked on mud and construction dust on our entryway rug.

Carisa commented that old ladies were supposed to be cold all the time.

Layered in cardigans and turtlenecks.

And then she asked if she was driving still.

Can you imagine if someone dropped the elderly lady off at that library knowing there was nothing between her friend 
and her coat than her birthday suit?! 

I so hope the coat was an appropriate dress length.

So hope.

I made Carisa promise that she would not allow me to walk around a public library wearing nothing but a pair of shoes, a coat and a smile one day.

But who am I kidding? 

She’ll be the one dropping me off.

And videoing it.

Senility and my future aside,

that story came at just the right time. 

Laughing loosened up the tension in my back.

I could relax my shoulders finally.

It was the big sigh that I needed to sigh.

Carisa gave us the new Tim Hawkins concert on DVD for Christmas. He is a Christian comedian who just cracks me up. He cracks up the entire family.

Watch it! 

I laughed until I cried at one part and when I texted Carisa that information,

she knew the EXACT part I lost it.

She knows my funny.

Tim says something so profound in the video.

Something like,

"Laughter is God’s weapon for us against this world."

You see, God knows my funny too.

And He knew when I needed it most.

While typing this, I thought of something I saw in early Fall:

I was driving out of the Whole Foods parking lot, when a car with the license plate reading Kevin1 ramped right up on the median between the in and out lanes.

Two elderly ladies were in the front seat. 

The one driving could barely see over the steering wheel as she committed to the median ramp and decided to just ride the thing out.

The entire length of the median.

The passenger lady had her mouth open wide in laughter and may have slapped her knee once or twice as they drove by me, lopsided.

It occurred to me that they were not Kevin1.

And that ol’ Kev probably would not have found the incident
nearly as funny as I did
or the passenger of his car.

Oh, I do hope those ladies were wearing pants!

 I was on the phone with Monte when I told him the library story.

He said,

“You needed to laugh.”

He was right.  

It was just the weapon I needed to slice the head right off 
of my nasty mood.

Then Monte thought he’d add to my “funny arsenal” and told me that he left his gym bag in his car and his workout clothes were too cold to put on so he held them under the hand dryer in the men’s locker room at the gym.



I’d been on all fours sucking mud and construction dust out of carpets

and dealing with a sick teenager

ON TOP of 
the very tense, 
no good, 
 bad morning.

I needed a bigger weapon.

Thank goodness, God knows my funny.


  1. Now see, THIS is why I think I would make a perfect third to you and Carissa's BFF circle. That is HILARIOUS!!! And I love Tim Hawkins. I am just SO with you on this, Karmen! Thank GOD for laughter!!! I swear I use it ALL the time to manage the 'pain' of all this world throws at me!! Funny is truly God's gift to us!!!

  2. I love it. Hopefully there wasn't a children's story time at the library at the same time. "Mommy ... " We talked about God having a sense of humor today at our Bible study. I think He absolutely does and I'm so thankful. Because I'm a nut.

  3. Oh Karmen - laughter really is a good medicine and your humor is part of why I love visiting with you here. I have to go for a mammogram soon and because of my family history of breast cancer it isn't my most favorite thing to do. I was JUST thinking this week, "I wish Karmen lived closer because she could come with me (since you are so good at going to appointments with your friends) and we would surely find some humor in it all! Hope this week is filled with moments of laughter in the middle of life. (And having recently had two grandparents in two different care facilities, even though their situation may not be funny you just have to find humor in it all...)


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