Thursday, November 03, 2016

A Roaring Good Halloween

Halloween was so fun!

Our theme?

Ellie insisted I print out these passes for authenticity.
She sent me to Staples for the plastic covers and clips too.

We were Jurassic Park (and World) characters.

Ellie is Claire from Jurassic World and McDaniel is Ellie from Jurassic Park. I’m the T-Rex from ALL the movies.
Monte is Alan Grant from Jurassic Park.

Monte gave me that T-Rex costume for Valentine’s Day.

We’d been looking since last Halloween but they were sold out. 

Monte found one in February 
and it was better than flowers 
or a seafood dinner!

I was thrilled!!

We had BIG plans for this T-Rex costume but I did not want to reveal it before Halloween 

so I put it in my closet

and waited.

It was worth the wait.

There was another T-Rex at the neighborhood Spooky Supper.

Momma and baby running through the street.

We were trying to recreate that scene from the first Jurassic Park.
Never mind the reflection of the Charlie Brown shirt hanging on the door.
Someone was borrowing it and my Lucy dress.
That happens a lot around here.

Wait for it…


Monte is not too scared to smile for the camera.

I don’t remember Alan Grant taking a selfie with the T-Rex in the first movie, do you?

Being a T-Rex was sweaty, strenuous, exhausting work.

The girls thought it would be a hoot to get me on our trampoline.

It wasn’t all bad.

This might be why my knee still hurts.

Those little arms really were no help at all.

I had the crazy idea of trying a new intense cardio workout Halloween morning.

Lots of jumping and running.

What I didn’t know about wearing a large inflatable T-Rex costume is that it is its own kind of intense cardio workout.

I did a lot of jumping and running in it.

I was so sore the next day, 
I could barely walk.

 I couldn’t even eat a piece of fried chicken at the Spooky Supper!

Which is a sad event for a carnivore.

Monte tried to feed me.

I couldn’t see well at all.

Monte and the girls would run off to talk with people and I was left, staring the wrong way, all by myself.

I made Monte hold my hand when we walked.

I left the suit on when it was time for Trick or Treaters.

Mama and Baby reunion.

The Ninja Turtle doesn’t look too sure about me.

But this tiny little Banana was fascinated.

She probably knew I was a carnivore.

President Obama stopped by.

By the end of the night, my fan batteries died.

I’m melting!

I was cleaning like a mad woman yesterday and it occurred to me briefly that it would be hilarious to vacuum with the T-Rex costume on.

But then again, is it still hilarious when no one is around to see it?

Like the tree falling in the woods 
making no sound theory?

I didn’t do it.

I’m still too sore.

But soon.

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