Tuesday, November 15, 2016

On Trying New Things for My Birthday

My birthday was this past weekend.

We decided to try out a restaurant in our area that has been open since the 60s.

And it seems it hasn't changed the decor.

It was dark and packed and very hard to read the menu without the flashlight on our phone.

But the seafood was great.

Our friend was our waitress 
and she took good care of us 
and our dinner choices.

On Sunday, we tried brunch at the university golf course.

The view was gorgeous but the food was just okay.

The girls got me this beauty:

It's a cookie jar!
Not sure I'll ever put cookies in it because the tail is hollow and who wants to clean
cookie crumbs out of a dinosaur tail?
But it just might be perfect for candy.
Wrapped candy.

Monte got me a facial I specifically asked for since I have a 50% discount at my salon.

It's 90 minutes long.

What in the world are they going to do to me for OVER AN HOUR?!

I hope make me look younger.

In an effort to milk all that I could out of my birthday,

I asked to go to a new ramen restaurant super close 
to our house for dinner.

Ellie and I had walked up there early this fall but were so confused and nervous and a wee bit grossed out by the pictures on the menu, that we ordered salads.

Monte and McDaniel we're not feeling adventurous AT ALL.

This from the girl who ate every piece of wild game 
she could when we were out west.

And this from a man who slurped down oysters 
on the half-shell Friday night like they were candy corn.

Ellie texted her friend who goes to the ramen restaurant all the time for meal suggestions.

We were told the chicken ramen would be a safe choice.

So Ellie and I ordered it.

Monte ordered fried chicken.

McDaniel ordered nothing.

As we waited for our food, 

Monte and McDaniel expressed their displeasure.

I got a little nervous when our chicken ramen was delivered.

It doesn't make a good first impression.

In the upper left-hand corner was a piece of seaweed.

And yes, that's a hard boiled egg.

I never did figure out what the black noodles were 
beyond slightly crunchy.

They brought out panko breaded chicken separately that we dipped into the broth.

Monte decided that's what he'd do with his fried chicken too.

In a rush of sportsmanship, Monte, picked up a chopstick, stabbed a piece of chicken and shoved it into my bowl.

Over and over and over again.

There was broth all over the table.

McDaniel decided to be a "try-er" and ordered a chicken ramen as well.

It was good!

Both the girls commented on HOW salty it was.

I hadn't noticed.

But it caught up with me.

By the end of the night, I had to take off my ring.

By morning, I couldn't make a fist because my fingers looked like sausages.

Even my eyelids were swollen.

But we all tried something new

and that was a great birthday gift.

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