Monday, October 28, 2013

Basketball and Annie Over and Out

Day #28

Auditions began back in August for my daughter's middle school production of Annie.

And open gyms and lifting began in June for high school basketball.

It has been a lot of It's A Hard Knock Lifeing

and weight lifting.

(no Tiger Moms allowed in the high school 
workout room even if it is just to take 
a few pictures).
You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smiles

and sprints.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrows

and box jumping.

But. It. Is. Finally. Over.

Cue the applause the sign.

McDaniel made the freshman basketball team

[big happy sigh of relief]

and Ellie successfully danced with a mop/broom 
for 4 different shows over the weekend.

Not counting the 2 "teaser shows" 
she did at school on Friday.

[big happy sigh of relief]

It took a village.

Neighbors and carpool.

My mom made the necessary alterations to  Ellie's orphan dress.

A lifting coach never gave up on McDaniel who started  
not being able to even lift the dumbbell bar to actually 
adding weight to it that totalled 90 pounds.

For someone who inherited my wiener arms, 
that is impressive!

Carisa and Julie did Ellie's make-up.

Carisa doing a quick make up application
from the back of my car before an after
school dress rehearsal.

Julie making Ellie into an orphan
or singing her a love song,
I can't tell which.

Ellie had no faith in me to make her look like a dirty orphan.

Many friends and family came to the show to support Ellie

and sent sweet congratulatory texts to McDaniel for making the team.

I am so grateful.

Ellie's shining moment of getting to push one of the leads
in the laundry cart.

The cast was sooooo good! I had to keep reminding
myself that they were all middle schoolers.
Daddy Warbucks shaved his head.

Now, I am going to suck my thumb and stare at the same spot on the wall for about half a day.


Oh, I can't?

I have practices to get McDaniel to?

Shoes, shooting shirts and warm-up outfits to order?

Schedules to write down in my calendar?

And so the season begins.


  1. You must be a very proud Mummy!

  2. Following on bloglovin' via Magnificent Monday Linky :)

  3. AW!!!!! SO fun!! I just love how you 'present' your words, your pictures, your life here on your blog!! Go Mama!!! Oh, and of course congrats to your awesome kids!!!
    Now, I will be singing EVERY single song from Annie for the rest of the night. One of my FAVES!!! SO fun!!

    Now off you go... get that stuff DONE! I hear ya... ;)


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