Friday, October 25, 2013

Things I Found Funny This Week

Day #25

I just read a blog that inspired me.

In fact, the blog is called Finding the Inspiring.

Angel listed the things that made her happy this past week

whether it was a song she heard, 
an article she read 
or a clip on the internet she watched.

It made me happy that she shared her happy.

So I am going to share some funny.


I just cleared my throat like I was going 
to read these out loud to you.

1)  Photos of my friend  Carisa wearing the maternity outfit that she donated and then later discovered a clown wearing in a parade. 

No, I did not make that up.

2)  This clip from the Christian comedian, Tim Hawkins. 

"For the love of Pete" was included in his list.

3)  "Dad is Fat" by Jim Gaffigan.

 I am slowly reading this book but it doesn't fail to make me laugh out loud each time I pick it up.

4)  The word "fluffy". 

While at our church's women's retreat over the weekend, a lady told the story of how she wasn't allowed to say the word "fart" 

(did you hear me just whisper type that?) 

when she was growing up.
So the act of passing gas was called a "fluffy". 

As in:

"Eww! Did you just make a fluffy?!"


"Mom! He just fluffied again!"

I told my friend that the word "fluffy" seemed to elevate the whole act. 

As if butterflies would come out 
Tinker Bell's pixie dust would swirl around.

Yesterday, while doing a search on Etsy, I found this painting:

Janet Hill Studios
She made a fluffy!

5)  Hula hoops! 

Yes, a lady brought weighted hula hoops to our women's retreat because she is taking,

wait for it,

a hula hoop class!

Wouldn't you love to attend one of those classes?

She brought them out and I never would have imagined how many women would volunteer to try them out.

Show-off! Jill barely had to move, it was so easy
for her. 

For others, it took a few tries.

Rock it, Sumita!

Age didn't matter. Everyone wanted to try.

Trillion is the gal who used to have to say "fluffy".

This is when I almost laughed until 
the tears were running down my legs.

Crystal is the sweetest, most soft spoken, quiet gal.

But when she stepped inside that hula hoop,

it was all business.

She worked that hoop with such surprisingly frenzied,

"get out of my way" determination.

In fact, she moved about with such abandon

that she didn't realize she was getting off the pavement

and slipped into the almost-splits in the mud.

See the oopsie slip?

It was all funny.

What did you find funny this week?


  1. I love this post (and not just because you honored me with a shout out.) It's all too funny.

    I have an urge to go buy a hula hoop and start calling offensive odors a "fluffy." You're right. It really does "elevate" the act.

    Seriously, this is priceless! I'm going to have to share this.

    Thanks for the funny. Have a great weekend!

  2. Angel,

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. I laughed so hard at the painting of the fluffy that I fluffied. Haha. And I have to admit that swearing is one of my bad habits. Not even the Christian equivalents. Some things need a word with an exclamation point attached. Although after watching Toy Story 3 a million times this month I am thinking of adding "F A Oh my Schwarz" to my repertoire.

  4. Karmen,

    You make me laugh out loud! The word fluffy is forever tainted. And it was my dog's name growing up! :)

  5. The wife of our pastor about 10 years ago grew up calling them "Fred's".... Imagine her families conundrum when she ended up marrying our Pastor whose name was none other than Fred.

  6. LOL I love to hoola hoop. I DO have to move but I manage to keep it from falling for a long time. I think it is because of my fluffy hips. At least that is what I USED to say. Now I might have to give them a new name. LOL.

  7. My in-laws said 'fluff,' lol It's not a tradition we've passed down to the kids. ;)

    How fun to hoola hoop!! The comedian was funny too, my grandmother used to say 'horse feathers' when she was frustrated. ;)

    Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync.

  8. Hi There! I am coming over from Angel's blog. She said I would laugh, and I did! Thank you for sharing the 'fluff' and that photo with the butterflies just did me in!

    I stink at hula hoop. But it was fun to see everyone trying!

    I'll be your newest follower :)


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