Sunday, October 13, 2013

House Crushes

Day #13

Am I the only person that gets really distracted by the houses in movies or TV shows?

Monte and I have been known to pause a movie or show 
and rewind it to check out the layout of a kitchen 
or the height of the ceilings.

I love old homes.

The charm and beauty and story of them.

I am being assured as I watch my friend Carisa build her house that I could NEVER do it.

She not only has to pick light fixtures for EVERY room in her entire house

all at once

but she also has to decide EXACTLY where they should go.

That overwhelms me even as I type it.

I am definitely one that can walk into an old home and instantly envision what it could be

after I get my hands on it.

I have LOADS of ideas for my house, 
just waiting on that money tree to bear fruit.
It is so frustrating to me on HGTV's House Hunters 

when a whiny couple rejects


after house 

after house 

based on silly little changeable things like no stainless steel appliances or the paint color in the foyer.

When McDaniel was little she LOVED to watch Disney's Bear in the Big Blue House.

Blame it on a lack of sleep or extreme loneliness having moved from Atlanta to Ohio where we knew no one

but I LOVED the house in Bear in the Big Blue House.

Check out those windows in the living room.

Look at the arched doors to the balcony!


Built-ins and lots of natural light.

Spacious kitchen.

Great woodwork.
My girls watch "Good Luck Charlie" on Disney.

I have to admit, it makes me laugh too.
(There are some pretty painfully unfunny shows on Disney.)

And I like their house too.

Isn't this barn door awesome in their basement to hide their  washer and dryer?

Love the wood top island and chalkboard fridge.

I think the painted staircase is cool (although I'd never have to nerve to do it).
Love the stone fireplace and open floor plan.

Great windows and front porch.
But not all my house crushes are from recent shows.

I have always loved the Waltons' house.

Love the porch and the squeaky front screen door. I even like that little lean-to on the side of the house.

Who wouldn't want space to have a big table for this?

Look at that sink!

Room for everyone.
And of course I love the It's A Wonderful Life house:

Look at the woodwork and ceiling height.

It is beautiful abandoned and run-down.

It is hard not to tear up when George kisses the broken banister on that amazing stairway.
Then there is the house in one of my favorite movies, Moonstruck.

It is set in Brooklyn:

Oh, the architecture!

Awesome formal dining room. One of my favorite scenes from the movie.

Love the light and space of this kitchen.

Love the shelf above the stove and that big huge window.
Ok, I have to add just one more of recent note.

The Modern Family house of Claire and Phil Dunphy:

This house isn't old but I love the open kitchen to family room space.

I like that open hallway too with exposed stairway.
So, I have to know.

Am I the only one who remembers the house as one of the characters on a TV show or movie?

Don't leave me hanging.


  1. We were watching grumpy old men last night and I commented to Steve how I loved the house that Jack Lemons character lived in. Lots of built in beautiful woodwork and charm. Househunters can drive me crazy too with the not picking of some of the people. I also like the good luck Charlie house and the show as well.

  2. I always wanted Mary and Laura Ingalls loft with the ladder up to the room.

  3. I get so distracted by the interiors on movie and TV shows that sometimes I miss the dialogue. I have watched a certain movie with a beach setting numerous times because I am positively in love with the house.

  4. I always love looking at the house in Home Alone. It's one of my favorite movie houses along with Steve Martin's house in Father of the Bride.
    My husband and I are the same way. We will be sitting there discussing the house on the movie and our kids are saying, "You guys! Just watch the movie!" lol

  5. Karmen,

    I am going to Google the Grumpy Old Men house. Never have seen that movie.

  6. Andrea,

    I THOUGHT about Little House on the Prairie but the whole no indoor plumbing thing kept me from it. :)

  7. Mindy,

    I didn't even think about all the waterfront movie houses! That opens up another whole group of movies, like Dan In Real Life. LOVE that rustic, charming Rhode Island house.

  8. Kathy,

    Good point! I adore both those houses you mentioned especially the Father of the Bride house! Ooh--the house in Cheaper by the Dozen is great too! So many good ones I didn't mention.

  9. I also would love the house and barn from the Sandra Bullock movie The Proposal. G.OR.GEOUS!

  10. I also get distracted by interiors of homes on movies and TV. I once saw my exact chandelier in a movie and I had to keep rewinding to make sure it really was mine. Thanks for sharing on Throwback Thursday.


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