Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Browsing for Christmas Gifts

Day #30

Because there are several fall birthdays in my life,

I have begun to think about Christmas gift ideas.

Just think.
And put lots of stuff into online carts.

When the kids were little,

the locally owned toy store did a fabulous sidewalk sale in the summer 

and I would buy the girls their Christmas presents then.


In the summer.

Ahh, the good ol' days.

Now, the girls don't really even know what they want.

They are right now as I type, looking at the Target coupon catalog that just came in the mail.

I am mostly hearing things, like,

"No fair! The Leapsters are basically iPads now!"


"What parent is buying their kid a toy Mercedes?!"

So I am hoping they aren't adding anything to their lists from that catalog.

Especially if it is a Leapster iPad
or a toy Mercedes.

While browsing around the internet I did find a few interesting things for the people in my life

and me.

This is a reusable spool of conversation starters on material that can be unravelled at the table.

I love things like this.

Proverbs 31 also has this leaf wreath made out of scriptures and songs.
The creative voice inside of my head says, 

"I can do that!"
But we'll see what the
voice of reality says.
I have ordered from this site before.

But I made the mistake of giving away all the spoons as gifts last year and not keeping any for me.

I love her stuff so much.


I love the idea of having all the states framed as art where each of us in our family were born. No two are the same.

This would be for McDaniel, our Georgia Peach.

That voice is saying,

"I can do that!"


Grrr. That voice gets annoying sometimes.

I have a few things in the cart at Lisa Leonard Designs.

Isn't this precious?

The Pi Beta Phi in me loves this.

There is something about this being
a stick that I adore.
I am a new fan of Janet Hill Studios on Etsy.

And not just because of this "fluffy" gem:

Still funny.
I love all the miniature zoo animals on leashes. Especially the giraffe.

This is how I look riding my bike,  Lolly. In my mind.

What about you? Anyone start Christmas shopping yet?

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  1. I am also *thinking* about gifts but haven't bought any yet...okay I bought 1, but that's it! I'm making myself wait until November 1st!

    jess | Quaintrelle


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