Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Your House Crushes

Day #16

I LOVED reading all the responses to my post on house crushes from TV shows and movies.

I thought I'd share some of the houses you mentioned.

The house from Grumpy Old Men.

I've never seen this movie.

The woodwork is amazing in Jack Lemmon's house.

Cute bungalow.

Also mentioned was the house and barn from The Proposal.

Amazing views of Alaskan mountains.

Oh, and that barn where the supposed wedding was to take place

Gorgeous with all those birch trees and lights.
There were house crushes on the Home Alone house:

Look at that wide open foyer! Ignore the wallpaper.

Another crush was revealed for the house in Father of the Bride:

Love the built-ins.

There was a nod to Mary and Laura's loft bedroom in 
Little House on the Prairie.

We are going to ignore the whole 
no indoor plumbing part.

Hey--my dad built me and my roommate something like this
for our college dorm room.

Half-pint and Mary sharing a bed in their loft.

I love you, Ingalls family!

Also Dan In Real Life's vacation house in Rhode Island.
Love the cabinish feel of all the planked wood walls.

Don't you love the shingles?

Rustic but perfect for a vacation house.

Cheaper By The Dozen house:

Just look at that!

Gorgeous hardwoods.

Love that turret.

That was fun!

Keep your house crushes coming.
I am sure there are so many more
we haven't mentioned.


  1. I am a sucker for built ins and woodwork. It always kills me when people cover up bookcases and paint over beautiful woodwork.

  2. The Father of the Bride house was a good one too. Now I want to watch that movie again...


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