Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Day #8

Our first venture into the world of high school dances happened this weekend.

My daughter went to the Homecoming Dance.

Not with a date but with a big group of girls.

So Monte didn't have to rush out to Cabela's to purchase 
a gun purely for the "intimidation show" of cleaning it 
while the young man picked McDaniel up for the dance.

They planned this from the beginning,

McDaniel and her friends,

to just go with each other.

To get the "feel" for this new school dance thing

on their own.

Some of the girls in her friend group did get asked by boys--

much to their horror.

Some didn't--

much to their great disappointment.

Girls they don't normally hang out with asked if they could be apart of their group--

since all their friends had dates 

or they just didn't have anyone to go with.

Such a fun group resulted.

We offered our backyard as a backdrop for pictures before dinner.

That porch swing came just in time.

That is a big deal around here--getting pictures BEFORE the dance.

13 girls and their parents came to our backyard where we served snacks and lemonade

and had hay bales for them to sit on.

One of the dads handed each girl a flower as they arrived.
Such a neat idea!

Hamming it up.

Parent paparazzi.

It was fun.

Goofing off by the lighting strike on
our big ol' Sycamore.

I got to meet a few parents for the first time.

We got to exchange cell phone numbers and work out rides to the restaurant,

from the restaurant to the school dance

and from the school dance to their friend's 
house who was hosting a sleepover.

It was nice to do that face-to-face rather 
than through our daughters' texting.

Can I get an Amen to that?
McDaniel had a blast at the dance.

She danced all night--didn't even have to kick off her shoes since she wore flats.

McDaniel on the left. Julianne on the right.
I LOVE this picture!

Many girls wore heels for the first time.

Some didn't bother.

Many of these girls are athletes and I overhead one dad offering to bring flats to the restaurant for his daughter lest she "blow out her knee" again with the heels she was wearing.

She is the goalie for the soccer team after all.

Dates or not--all the girls met up at their girlfriend's sleepover to discuss their evening.

McDaniel's take-away was that the ones WITHOUT the dates had more fun than the ones WITH the dates.

Hmmmm…keep on thinking that.

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  1. Great pictures and such fun! I love the parent paparazzi. I think taking pictures is as much a part of the process as the actual dance.


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