Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Duck Dynasty Party

Day #22

We love Duck Dynasty at our house.

McDaniel asked early in the summer if she could host a party for the season premiere of Duck Dynasty in August.

I love a good theme party so the answer was absolutely.

She asked her friends to wear camo, if they had any.

It isn't so prevalent in our neck of the suburbs.

So only a few did.

But awards were given for the best dressed.

Proud winners of Duck Dynasty
t-shirts from Wal-Mart.

We had a lot of fun with the decorations. I made a DUCK COMMANDER banner for the fence gate.

We set up a "photo" area by the garage complete with Rudy the deer head.
(He is forever looking up and over his right shoulder as if to say,
"Hey! Did you you hear something??")

We had a basket of photo props that included extra camo gear, a cork pop gun, hats and various beards I cut out of card stock and taped to skewers.

For food we decided not to serve actual duck in case we didn't have any "tryers" 
and were stuck with a lot of leftover duck.

Instead we got about 4 rotisserie chickens from the grocery store and I pulled the meat off and mixed homemade barbeque sauce into part of it and called it bbq "duck".

I left the rest of the chicken plain.

Almost no one tried the bbq "duck" so we were right on our "do not  serve any actual duck" call.

Speaking of duck calls, we had a container outside with kazoos that we claimed were duck calls.

They were loud.

I served turkey meat balls as well but claimed they were deer meat. 

Only one girl tried them.

I can hear Phil Robertson now, 

"Yuppies all the way."

He looks disappointed,
doesn't he?

One of the gals showed up in cowgirl gear.
God love her, she'd never seen the show.

Of course there was Si's tea.

And I had to work in MaMa's famous slushy punch
somehow. We just called it Redneck Punch.

McDaniel was thrilled to have everyone drink out of
mason jars.

I went to the candy section of the grocery store where I could fill my own bags of M&Ms and mixed up a camo blend for a centerpiece.

Then the girls decorated their own camo cookies. 

Quite lovely.

What a bunch. Maybe they need their own TV show.


  1. Oh my gosh! What a fun idea! My son's birthday is in March and I think we will have to have a DD party too!

  2. Jeanette,

    Thanks! Would love to see pictures of that party when you do it. I am following your blog now--what a cute Polaroid photo frame!

  3. this is so fun. Our granddaughter is crazy for duck dynasty. giggle. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Hugs!


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