Monday, October 14, 2013

Weird Wreath

Day #14

Hi, my name is Karmen and I like wreaths.

I like to make wreaths. 

I have WAY MORE wreaths than doors 
and wall space to hang them.

But that doesn't stop me from making a new one as inspiration strikes.

And struck it did just hours before we hosted the girls 
and their parents for Homecoming pictures.

I made a stick wreath a few years ago for my side porch. I don't have pictures, sorry.

The elements took its toll on my stick wreath after two years of four seasons

and all but a few of the sticks fell off the grape vine form.

I looked around my yard for something natural to use to make a new wreath since the side porch is not covered.

I found this:

My ornamental grasses.

I liked the color of the tassels.

So I snipped off a bunch of them.

I laid them around the wreath form to see how many tassels I needed.

Then I just hot glued them to the grape vine right there outside.

With my neighbor giving me odd looks 
as he mowed the lawn.

It turned out weird looking.

But I liked it.

Kinda feathery.

In a hysterical way.

I really never thought about if the tassles would die 
or if they would hold up to the elements.

The next few days were filled with hard rain. 

I forgot about my wreath until days later when I happened to be walking by the side of the house.

It blew up!

Into something from The Muppets.

The girls thought it was hilarious and took silly pictures 
using all manner of photo features and effects 
that I did not know existed on the iPhone.

In case you need to see this in black & white.



But I still like it.

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  1. It needs a face in the middle. It looks very muppetish.


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