Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's A Hard Knock Life

Day #15

The local middle school that Ellie attends as a 6th grader puts on a Fall musical production every year.

They call it Fall Pro.

They have been doing it for over 30 years.

This year they are putting on Annie.

There are over 180 middle school aged kids involved in the cast.

80 of them are in the orphan chorus.

One of them is our Ellie.

Ellie did try out for a lead

which blew us away since:

1) Leads usually go to 8th graders and the rare 7th grader.


2) McDaniel wouldn't even CONSIDER being in any of the three productions that happened when she was at the middle school.

Ellie didn't get a lead part but we are so proud that she tried.

Who knows what the next two years will bring.

So this has been all new territory for us going to parent meetings, avoiding volunteering for any of the 34 committees

(I am not even kidding)

and putting together a costume.

I thought putting together a costume for an orphan would be one quick trip to a thrift store.

But there was a "bring your costume to get checked out" meeting night.

I sent Monte with Ellie.

We were told to shorten her dress, add a raggy brown cardigan sweater to her outfit and get different shoes.

Or basically,

change everything.

I thought I was done.

The rehearsal schedule is starting to get brutal. 2 1/2-3 hour practices teaching the orphan chorus three songs with choreography.

During It's A Hard Knock Life, Ellie gets to dance with a broom.

Some of the orphans get to mop up the floor with a sponge the entire song while others get to jump on beds.

Ellie is quite happy with her broom, thank you very much.

Although it makes me nervous when she practices 
in the living room so near to everything breakable.

While her rehearsal schedule is ramping up,

it seems mine is too.

And I purposely avoided volunteering 
for any of the committees.

I have had to fill out a gazillion forms and write numerous checks for

DVD recordings, 

and designing and writing a family ad for the production program.

I thought this ad might be the death of me.

In spirit if not in body.

I could NOT think of anything witty to say.

I am a writer, people. 
Studied it in college and everything.

All I could think of was clever little ditties like:

Aren't you glad you aren't an orphan, Ellie? 
Good luck in the show!

Sounded a bit insensitive.


You are going to make a great orphan! Good luck!

What?! Are we dying?

You are never fully dressed without a smile, Ellie. 

Sounded inappropriate.

It isn't a hard knock life, Ellie. Good luck!

I might as well have said, "Suck it up--
you have parents who love you 
enough to write a terrible family 
ad in this program for all to see."

I put off the writing until the very last day. 

It was stressful!

I tried to get Monte to do it so I could blame him if Ellie thought it was weak.

He'd have none of it.

So I paid $10 extra for someone else to do it.

There was a committee for just this purpose.

Yep, this writer hired in help.

It's A Hard Knock Life, indeed!

Where is that broom?!

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  1. Hope the production goes well. I love that musical! Sometimes writing on demand is a terrible task, isn't it?


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