Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Day #29

The girls didn't have school yesterday,

which was glorious after the intense chaotic pace of the weekend.

Except McDaniel had lifting bright and early 
and then basketball in the afternoon.

But we did manage to tackle Ellie's science project in between lifting and basketball practice.

Ellie decided to do a video skit explaining the attributes of the minerals gold, diamond and corundum.

She cast us as the dramatic players,



and Corundum.

Of course, Ellie wrote herself as the star, Gold.

Gold is a self-centered sassy thing.
Gold trash talking Diamond.

Me as her tiara-wearing nemesis, Diamond.

Diamond is not lacking in self-esteem
either. Oh, I do regret the shoulder
showing. It is for 6th grade science,
for the love of Pete.

Diamond is quite proud of her
 tiara bling bling.

And McDaniel as the over dramatic, 
slightly imbalanced, 
Corundum, that has a southern accent 
that comes and goes.

Corundum didn't bother to take off her slippers.

Not sure why she is in the street.
Or covered in leaves.

McDaniel went off-script with all the drama and imbalance and accents.

But Ellie allowed it.

It was quite the soap opera

with off-camera staring,

bitter rivalries

and a bit of a hissy fit.

Not sure what the neighbors thought
of all the carrying on.

All neatly wrapped up by the soundtrack 
of "Gold" by Britt Nicole.

And all in the name of science.

**I'd show you the final video but I am afraid it doesn't accurately represent the full mental capacities of the parties living under our roof. Or maybe it does. But we need our girls to get into college one day. Plus, I regret the whole shoulder showing part.**

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  1. Ha! Sounds like you have a very creative crew at your house. I bet your neighbors were very entertained. I know I was just reading about it. :)


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