Friday, October 18, 2013

The South and Katherine Zeta Jones

Day #18

I sat in a little lunch restaurant in Memphis by myself while Monte was at a meeting.

The restaurant was recommended.

Silly Midwestern me assumed that if the restaurant is in a strip mall, it must be casual.


I walked into the place in my jeans and jacket and ballet flats,

no make up on

or lipstick

and my hair in a pony tail.

Right away I realized this place was a white linen, water goblet type of place.

It was filled with older ladies dressed up, 
faces made up 

and some were drinking wine!

In the middle of the day on a Wednesday.

It was definitely an "I am not in Ohio anymore" moment.

I enjoyed eaves dropping on the sweet drawls of conversations as they floated by me.

One lady kept saying Katherine Zeta Jones in the most beautiful accent that it sounded like music.

I have no idea what call her conversation had for her to say Katherine Zeta Jones so many times but it made me smile.

And text people.
I told Carisa she needed to come down and 
show these ladies her version of "Katherine Zeta Jones "
that would blow their hair off.

I heard happy birthdays called out at one table 

and complaints of improper dirt hauling in the yard of another.

One lady 

under no circumstances.
Stephen Colbert.

Why is it when said with just the right amount of gentile lilt that even the most mundane things sound like poetry?

Put a redneck hick accent to it, it is no longer verse.

But it will blow the hair right off your head,
right Carisa?

Grab someone from Minnesota or Wisconsin? It is nails in my ears.

But there is something about a sweet older lady with plum lips leaning in close to her friends across the table to say, 

"Katherine Zeta Jones"

 that makes my ever lovin' day.

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  1. My daughter and I laugh at how a "refined" Southern woman can say something awful in her sweet accent and get away with it every time - at least on TV : )


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