Saturday, October 05, 2013

Who Knew Star Trek Could Be Biblical?


It was one of those last minute step-in situations to help someone with Sunday School this summer.

Just help.

Be crowd control.

Not teach.

I have taught many times before so I welcomed the idea 
of just being crowd control.

In the summer, our church groups all the elementary grades together in one big class.

They aren't broken up into smaller classes by grade.

Which can get tricky.

I was assisting a family friend, Mark, who had never taught elementary level Sunday School before.

He is a big guy.

Intimidating in stature.

A former collegiate football player.

But his voice is soft and calm.

His words deliberate.

He got to the church early to go over the lesson and craft and game suggestions in the curriculum.

The game involved us taking the kids outside and having them get in a single-file line with their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them.

They closed their eyes.

The person in front was now in charge 
(with his eyes still closed)

to listen for the sound of me clapping my hands
and lead the entire line to me.

I moved often

darting through the dew wet grass of the church yard

clapping my hands.

The kids were completely silent

listening for my claps.

It was such a great object lesson in listening for God's direction.

And boy, do I need to shut up and listen more.

We went back inside

dragging half the wet grass from the yard onto the carpet in the classroom.

As Mark taught a lesson about David and Goliath,

hands started to go up.

One little girl decided to share

in great length and detail

an episode of Star Trek she had just watched with her dad.

I looked to Mark for how he was going to steer her back to the lesson.

He simply sat there and listened


I have to admit, several minutes into the Star Trek episode retell,

I may have leaned back in my chair and stared at the ceiling.

The little girl finally got to a part when this tiny Star Trek guy (who was taunted) had to fight this big huge alien…


I smelled a point coming.

She tied it beautifully to the lesson.

Except the part about almost pooping her pants during an intense scene.

Who knew Star Trek could be biblical?

If I had been the teacher, I would've missed it

what with all my ignoring the raised hand and hushing her to listen to the lesson.

But she was listening to the lesson

and applying it.

 Boy, do I need to shut up and listen more.

 Mark and I were so impressed with how much these kids knew about the bible
and the love of the Lord.

It was precious.

One little kindergartner raised her hand and said she had a secret to share,

"God created everything!" she said dramatically.

Then she asked if Mark wanted to hear what her name sounded like whispered.

As she repeated,


in hushed tones for what seemed like the next several decades,

Mark's one-eyebrow-raised expression implored,

"What is happening?"

So doughnuts were served.

Crowns were made.

And a rousing game of Duck, Duck, Goose was played.
(And only one person cried.)

When the class was over and Mark was finished vacuuming all the grass off the carpet,

I decided to remind him what Sarah's name sounded like whispered,


Lest he forget.

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  1. Love the listening and the application. The post also brings back memories of teaching Sunday School myself and the little ones always wanting to pray for their dead pets...


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