Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Tinker Bell…Busted

Day #2

Well, almost.


Not really.

But read on anyway.

It is worth it.

Trust me.

My girlfriends and I threw a going away party for friends moving to Orlando, Florida.
(Not sure why I just wrote Florida. Orlando goes without saying Florida doesn't it?)

The theme was a dress up as your favorite Disney character 
or just a character you would see at Disney.

The guests of honor:
Jeff and Laurie dressed as tourists. 
I asked Laurie (all laughey/snortish) where in the world she found fanny packs 
and she was like, "Oh, we had them."


It was a hoot!

All kinds of Disney characters showed up:

Mary Poppins and whatever Dick Van Dyke's character was named showed up.
Burt! His name was Burt.

Burt and Mary Poppins. The attention
to detail was impressive. Burt even had
smudges on his face.

Jasmine from Aladdin.

Sumita was perfect as Jasmine!

Me holding onto a John Smith doll
looking at the colors of the wind.

Darth Vader and a very gorilla version of Chewbacca.
Darth Vader had the cool asthmatic voice
thingy. Gorilla had on Capri's and cute
wedge sandals.

And, of course, Tinker Bell.
Check out Tinker Bell's cute wings and wand.

My friend, Carisa was Tinker Bell. 

Ellie and I made her very sparkly wings out of tinsel, tulle and coat hangers.

And a sparkly wand to match.

She pulled it off extremely well.

So well, that, on the way home she decided to leave the wings on while she drove.

They did suit her.

She even put her sparkly wand right on the dashboard so it was handy.

On the drive home she had to stop at a red light.

A police car pulled up next to her.

They made eye contact.

More than once what with her wings and wand and all.

She had to force herself to keep. looking. forward.

The police car lights came on.

Let me just say that again,

the police car lights came on!

As Carisa tells it,

Tinker Bell passed gas.

It may or may not have been the stuff of pixie dust.

The police car turned right quickly and zoomed away after true criminals and left Carisa alone to drive home contemplating the what ifs of being pulled over.

She knew that if she was asked to exit the car in all her green-tunic-sparkly-winged goodness
That is peach tea in Tinker Bell's hand.

the police officer would've assumed she had been drinking.

Which she had not been.

She knew that if she was asked to put her arms out on either side of her and to slowly touch her finger to her nose, her shaky nerves would've most definitely failed her

and the police officer would've assumed she had been drinking.

Which she had not been.

I left the party about 20 minutes after her.

Dressed like Pocahontas.
Already laughing.

If I had come up on Tinker Bell trying to walk 
a shaky straight line on the side of the road,

I most assuredly would've been pulled over for swerving 
what with all the laughing 
and grabbing my phone to take pictures and all.

And the police officer would've assumed I had been drinking.

Which I had not been.
But Tinker Bell didn't get busted

and neither did Pocahontas


But we still miss the Hansels.


  1. Funny! Your friends dressed as tourists are my favorite!

  2. What a fun party! Funny how dressing in costumes can stip the proper right out of people : )


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