Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days of Life

Day #1

It is October and once again I am going to link up with The Nester and write to a theme every day in October.

FUN FACT:  The Nester is Emily from Chatting At The Sky's sister.

Myquillyn from The Nester

Emily from Chatting At The Sky

Last year was 31 Days of Storytelling.

This year is 31 Days of Life.

I know, that is pretty vague but there is a WHOLE LOTTA life getting ready to happen this month:

2 events at church to plan,

a homecoming dance to endure,

a trip with Monte to Memphis,

a production of Annie to prepare for, 

basketball tryouts

and of course…

our family Halloween costumes to assemble.

We were the characters from Clue last year.

But that's life so I will try to write it down and laugh with it or attempt to learn from it

and maybe throw in some random things that pop into my head as well

like what my dream was about last night 
or what I hot glued 
or threw in a pot together for dinner.

But I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the last one.
I am going to be busy!

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  1. Love that Halloween picture-adorable! Good luck as you participate in 31 Days. I decided not to participate, but I will enjoy reading everyone's post!

  2. How much fun you look like you and your family have. I was at Jennifer Duke Lee's page and was scrolling through the comments when I saw "my" name and wondered, "when did I comment on this?" LOL, it isn't often you see another Karmen with a K out there in the world. Glad I stopped by to check you out. =)

  3. Karmen,

    How oddly cool that you found me! I am so glad you did. Just went to your web site and whoa! You blew me away with your post about setting a place for Jesus at your tea party. Just beautiful! I am following your blog now. Karmens unite!

  4. Thanks! I am following you as well...Unite we shall! ;)

  5. Happy you are doing the 31 days. I had planned to - even had a subject and thoughts for a couple of posts but happened and 31 days faded into the background and became a low priority. This year I will live vicariously through your posts : )


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