Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Things That Make Me Scratch My Head

No, I don't mean dandruff

or bedbugs.
(She said in a whisper so as not to invite them into her home.)

There are just things that I don't get

in a scratch-my-head kinda way.

Not big huge things like human trafficking or babies with cancer.

I will never understand that.

No, I am talking about the little-things-that-make-you-go-hmmm kinda things.

Intentional walks in baseball.

You know, when the catcher goes way away from the hitter so the pitcher can lob the ball in all slow to him like he is back in the coach-pitch league.

And the hitter is just left to stand there in the batter's box all awkward not knowing what to do with himself.
See the catcher is pointing to the pitcher:  no, throw it WAAAAY
over there.
Yes, Monte has tried to explain the strategy of potential runs versus outs and blah, blah, blah.

But I am left

scratching my head.

Recumbent bikes. 

You know, the bicycle that positions you into a lounge chair recline while you ride.

They sit so low that I feel they are dangerous.

That and the fact that I have never seen one ride in the bike lane

but rather right down the middle of the road like they are a car.

Every time. 
And not the same rider. 
There are more than one.

I know.

I've seen them.

Once I saw only the flash of a neon orange flag in the rear window of my car signaling me that there was one right behind me.

I couldn't see him because he was that low.


We were at a restaurant the other night when we saw a tandem recumbent bike ride by.


In the middle of the street (of course).

It was a man and a woman.

It was something to take in because it was sooooo long--

basically two Lazy Boy recliners 

in full reclining position

end to end.

The man was in front and the lady in back let go of the handlebars so she could

get this

unwrap and eat a candy bar.

Yes, I hear that they are better for people who suffer back pain and blah, blah, blah.


Have to.


iPhone's new operating system iOS 7.

Where do I start?

Actually, I am not going to start.

I will simply say this:  I have grown up on Apple products and have loved them and defended them and truly enjoyed using them most of my life.

But I am not enjoying the seemingly unnecessary improvement on something that was already working fantastically.

Yes, I know it is supposed to be better in ways that I am too old-dog-not-liking-new-tricks but blah, blah, blah!

 Although I did make Siri's voice a man and he seems 
to enjoy me so much better than that surly woman Siri.

But I am STILL scratching my head.

Soup at a football game.

When we were at the college football game on Saturday, Monte got up to grab some food. I told him to get me something.

It is a stadium.

I naturally assumed something would turn out to be a

hot dog 
or pizza 
or some type of meat on a stick.

I was pretty shocked when he came back with a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup.

Talk about scratching my head.

The weather had gone from chilly and rainy to sunny and warm by this point and we were all peeling off layers in the heat.

Yep, I am pretty sure I am the ONLY one eating
broccoli cheddar soup in the stadium.
Do you know what a bowl of hot broccoli cheddar soup smells like when you are eating it in very close quarters with 103,000 people?

Don't make me say it 
because you already know.

I am pretty sure I started sweating the broccoli cheddar soup out of my pores by the end of the game.

Yes, I know it is a healthier option than a hot dog, slice of pizza or some type of meat on a stick blah, blah, blah.

But I am still.


This broccoli sweaty.



  1. Totally with you on the recumbant bike.

  2. Wendy,

    Thanks for the virtual fist bump--if I was actually cool enough to do such a thing.

  3. I agree and understand the strategy but intentional walks do not seem like sport to me. I love broccoli cheddar but probably not under those circumstances haha. You always make me smile and today, I needed that : )

  4. You are very welcome, Mindy. Hope all is well. :)

  5. Oh my gosh! This is funny! I'm with you on several of these things...especially riding bikes in the middle of the road when the bike lane is right over ....there. It seems everyone thinks the bike lane is for all the "other" bike riders!

  6. Susan,

    Thanks! Here's to hoping neither of us encounter a recumbent today! :)

  7. OKay- you YOU are my new favorite blogger!!!!! You CRACK me up and you are sooooo gifted in your presentation that I was UTTERLY delighted with every single word of your "art". Seriously. I called your words art. Yup, I did. LOVE THIS!!

  8. OK........I wasn't expecting to be so entertained. I finished up the post and wanted more. I do have to say that I am a baseball geek and totally get the intentional walk. The rest........I'm right there with you. I think people who ride recumbant bikes (I didn't even know that is what they were called) are just people who are trying to look stupid. How do you look cool riding a bike that looks like that? A couple of us parents at dance class were discussing the new Iphone operating system and realized that our daughters all thought it was cooler than cool. My conclusion.........it was created for 8 year old girls. It's been a long time since I was 8 and I'm the one that pays the bills.

  9. Very cute, funny post! I loved reading it! Visiting from Thursday Favorite Things and following you!

  10. Chris,

    Thanks for your awesome "art" comments. Whoa. Very cool.

    Your post on locks of love BLEW. ME. AWAY. So beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by to read!

  11. Juggling Real Food and Real Life,

    I may need you to make up some cliff notes on the intentional walk thing.

    Thanks for reading!

  12. AnnMarie,

    Thanks for your sweet comments! I follow your blog as well.

  13. I've never seen the bikes that low, I do think that would be dangerous.

    My husband is a big Apple guy. I'm meh on them, but I know I am in the minority. ;)

    Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync!


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