Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Perfect Saturday

It was one of those days that seemed like 2 days,

it was so packed full

yet completely relaxing.

We had nothing planned.

[Happy sigh]

Monte and I took a nice long walk through our neighborhood and the air was crisp enough for a fleece to be worn.

Oh, how I love this time of year!

We walked to the local middle school hoping to take a lap or two around the track.

There was a football game going on. Monte was thrilled to watch a play or two before we continued on.

We passed a breakfast place and saw people eating omelettes and drinking coffee outside on mismatched vintage tables and chairs.

We passed the local fireman running around the neighborhood for exercise.
(Or they passed us.)

It was one of those mornings right out of a movie.

You know, the beginning part where the names of the producers and directors and studios are still being shown and there is a kicky song being played while the camera stays on Monte and I walking through our neighborhood.

And then our "characters" are chased home by zombies.

(Seriously, what is up with the fascination 
with the undead? I just don't get it.)

Back to our walk.

It was idyllic.

It was almost as if we were on vacation and exploring the town on a walk thinking about what it would be like if we lived here full-time.

Don't you do that sometimes?
I do every time I go to Fripp. 

But then we got to stop and realize,

"Hey, we DO live here!"

Yeah, it was one of those "Thank you Lord for placing us here" kinda idyllic walks.

I came home and planted mums in my flower boxes and pots while Monte watched football.

Then we decided to go out for dinner and then onto an ice cream shop for dessert.

I love ice cream. I  REALLY do.

This local ice cream shop, Jeni's, is just the best. 

We don't go often because it is in an area where finding parking is a headache

and the ice cream is expensive

but it is a perfect once every great while kinda treat.

Their flavors are unique like Riesling Poached Pear (a favorite of Ellie's) and Wildberry Lavender.

There are standard flavors and then their seasonal ones.

This is not a place where you get candy toppings.

This is a sprinkle free zone.

In fact, they encourage you to always get two different complimentary flavors to bring out the most enjoyment for your palette. 

I love that my girls aren't afraid to experiment.

The same girls that put gummy bears on their 
frozen yogurt at those squirt your own shops.


as we were doing our usual sample 75 different flavors before we decide on what we want

I came across a flavor called Loveless Biscuits and Peach Jam.

I was all thinking,

"What?! Biscuits in ice cream?"

Then I sampled it.

Oh. My. Word.


People of the South:

I am disappointed in you.

You have never thought to introduce these two before??

Thought they wouldn't get along?

Didn't have anything in common??

Shame on you!

They are AMAZING together.

Loveless Cafe is in Nashville, TN where a Jeni's just opened. 

And the peaches for the peach jam comes from Atlanta where a Jeni's will be opening very soon.

That Jeni, what a matchmaker.

I had to take a picture of the happy couple. They were THAT good.

I mixed the Loveless Biscuits and Peach Jam with my fave Brambleberry Crisp.

Look at that sweet biscuit goodness in there!!
Seriously, look at it.

I may have said,

"This is so good!" 

over an over again to the point where 
my family was a wee bit sick of me.

McDaniel could not handle that I took a picture of it.

"Mom, don't be one of THOSE people."

What does that even mean?
The kind of people who so thoroughly enjoy their ice cream 
that they write a blog post about it that includes pictures??
The kind of people who refer to their ice cream as a married couple in love??

I do have to say that I would not mix my beloved Brambleberry Crisp with the Loveless Biscuits and Peach Jam again because the bits of crisp coupled with the hunks of biscuits really went thud in my stomach.

I felt like I was having a food baby and its name was Biscuit.
(Sorry if that put a disturbing image in your head.)

But it was the perfect way to wrap up a perfect Saturday.
The End.


  1. You. Are. Killing me. We don't have a Jeni's here, that I know of, but God almighty, I MUST HAVE that ice cream with the biscuits in it. Off to Google where the closest one is. Great post!

  2. Lisa,

    Jeni's will ship right to you! My brother-in-law has done it before. Then you can see what I am talking about! Biscuity-goodness. : )


  3. What a great day! I giggled with you as you went along your way. Love your post.

  4. Thank you Becky!

  5. We didn't have ice cream today, but we did go get malts, mm mm mm. :)

    I don't understand the zombie fascination either, I think it's gross.

    Thanks for linking to Super Sunday Sync.

  6. i love this post!!! you make me smile. Hoping all of your days are great ones xo


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