Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Techno Dinosaur

That is me.

See how impatient I can be with new technology?

I didn't used to be so technologically behind the times.

I could add my own RAM 
(do they still call it that?) 
to my Mac, 
troubleshoot most problems 
but, let's face it, 
Macs just don't have the problems that PCs do.

I have NEVER owned a non Apple computer. 


I have never ONCE had a computer virus.

But this post is really about phones.
(Great transition, huh?)

When did they get so complicated?

When did we lose the ability to know any one's phone number by heart?

I can still remember my phone number of the house I moved out of in the 2nd grade.

But I don't know my own daughter's cell phone number.

I just hit her name on my call list and


I get her voice mail.

She never answers her phone.

But that is an entirely different issue.

I have a very basic phone.

It does not have Internet access.

It is not touch screen.

Or smart.

Or has that annoying woman that tells you things.

But I love it!

When my husband, Monte, got his first iPhone, he was head over heels for Siri.

They talked and laughed and instantly had inside jokes I wasn't privy too.

I drew the line when he'd say goodnight to her while he was lying next to me in bed.


Monte urged me to get to know Siri.

Spend time with her.

Enjoy her in the way he enjoys her so we could

share her.

I know, I wish I were making this up.


She acted like she couldn't understand me.

Apparently nothing.

Me:  Where is a good place to get pumpkins?

Siri:  I'm sorry, I don't know Stan Goodman.


Me:  Siri, what is the weather like today?

Siri:  I do not understand your request.

Yeah, right.

Me:  Where is the closest gas station?

Siri:  Hisccckkk!

Yep, I actually got hissed at by Siri.

She hates me.

Monte:  Where is the closest place to get a hair cut?

Siri:  Monte, you look good just the way you are.

Oh, brother.

Monte:  Siri, I love you!

Siri:  I bet you say that to all your Apple products.

Siri has problems.

Now Monte wants me to get an iPhone.

It is the van vs. SUV thing all over again.

He is trying to sell me hard.

I am softening a teence when I realized the iPhone would eliminate me having to carry a purse full of coupons. I could just show them the email!


But I won't tolerate Siri.

And I have to learn how to answer a call.

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