Monday, November 19, 2012

Book Page Trees


Don't click off this post because of the title.

This is not meant to stress you out or make you feel pressured to Martha Stewart your holidays (yeah, I use her name as a verb, don't you?).

I am posting a few pictures of book page trees I made last year.

I already brought one of them out.

And it is not even Thanksgiving.


I am NOT one of those people who put up fake trees in September so I can enjoy the holidays longer.

If my decorations are up so long I have to dust them


I like the Christmas season
but my house is small
and a tree takes up a lot of room
so I have to move my stuff
and then there aren't enough places to sit 
or put a drink down 
because of all the decorations
and platters of food
and dishes of candy.


why am I complaining?

Moving on…

I bought these awesome Styrofoam trees that come in pieces that you build into the tree or store flat which is AWESOME!

I bought a big one and a small one.
They can stand all curvy like something out of a Dr. Seuss book
which is just icing on the cake.

Book page Tree Supplies:

•Styrofoam tree
•Old book or sheet music--the more aged looking the better
•Circle punch
•Hot glue

First, punch out a gazillion circles from your book pages or sheet music. I used a smaller circle punch for the smaller tree and the larger one for the larger one.

And I watched Christmas Vacation.

I only hot glued the top of the circle to the foam so I could overlap the circles and get a shingle roofish type of effect.

I mixed old book pages with new ones.
Atlas Shrugged and a new dictionary.
Terrible shadowy picture. I put the tree on a stand I usually have a dish of
candles or potpourri in.
I also made a tree by cutting my book pages into strips a few inches wide. I started cutting the pages within an inch or more from the edge to create a wide fringe.

I curled the fringe with a pencil to get the curved branch look.

Then I glued the uncut top edge of the fringe to the foam tree and left the fringe free to do its curvy thing.

This is my favorite of the two trees but the bigger pain to make with the extra steps of cutting and curling.

I left both of these trees out all winter.

I just made some sheet music ornaments I will share in another post.

Happy crafting!

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